Natural Gas

By: Vanessa Marin

Is Natural gas renewable or nonrenewable ?

Natural Gas is almost always considered nonrenwable, which means we cannot make more in a short time.
Natural Gas a Brief History

Where is it found on Earth or is it produced with technology in a factory?

Natural gas is a fossil fuel like petroleum and coal. Its called a fossil fuel because most scientists believe that it was formed from the remains of ancient sea plants and animals. Natural Gas is trapped in underground rocks.

How does it work to produce energy for individuals, whole groups, and or communities?

Just about everyone in the United States uses Natural Gas!!!!

Indusrtry is the biggest user, residences or homes are the second biggest user of Natural Gas.

Are there products created or other uses this energy??

Natural Gas is used to generate electricity. It is also used as fuel for automobiles.It is also used to heat water.

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