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Write 10 rules for your Utopian Society

1. No fighting or conflict

2. Don't be useless

3. Have a job

4. No "hover-boards"

5. No weapons

6. Don't be fake

7. Be nice or else you'll be executed

8. Junho is your God

9. Donate 10 dollars to Junho every day to pay for your sins

10. Don't break the rules or you'll be executed

Write a new ending for a chapter

End of Chapter 1

The knocking was constant. The worst thing to do is to delay. Winston stood up and slowly walked towards the door to open it. When he opened the door, no one was there. However, when Winston was about to close the door, 3 men all wearing black rushed inside. The men handcuffed, blindfolded, gagged, and beat Winston and took him outside. Winston tried to scream for help, but all the words the came out of his mouth were muffled by the cloth in his mouth. Winston even tried struggling his way out of the three men, but he was too badly injured to even try. All Winston could do was wait and see what happens. The three men threw Winston in the trunk of a car, started the engine, and drove. The trunk of the car was so tight that Winston couldn't even move, and he could barely breathe. All Winston did was think about how he got caught by the thought police. Did they hear him talking about his journal in his sleep? Were they watching him the entire time? Was there a hidden camera in a corner of the room watching his ever move? However while he was thinking, Winston overheard one of the men say," Call the guards in the docks and ask if the boat is ready." Winston then thought," Is this the rebellion rescuing me from Big Brother?" Winston didn't know, but he was about to find out. It has been about four hours and the car finally stopped. Instead of the three men wearing black, two men heavily armored opened trunk. Before Winston could see what the men looked like, they knocked him out with the butt of their guns. After being knocked out, Winston woke up in a cell on a ship. He wasn't the only person in a cell, there were many cages full of living and dead people around him. The room was very dark because of the night, and it had a strange odor. Winston also noticed everyone's ankles were chained to big, cold, and metal blocks. No one has any idea on who these people were or what they're trying to do. However there was one thing that everyone in a cafe knew, something bad was going to happen. It's been around three hours of sitting in a metal cage when an armored man started to take people out of the cages. Winston didn't know where the armored man was taking the chained people. After a dozen number of people got taken out, Winston saw that all those people that got out, never came back to their cell. He doesn't know what happened to those people, nor did he want to find out. After a few minutes, it was Winson's turn to get out. The armored man took Winston to the deck of the ship. A man wearing red robes asked Winston many question. Some of those questions were "What do you think of Big brother", "How does Emmanuel Goldstein make you feel", "Are you afraid of Big Brother", and "Do you get any dreams when you sleep? If so describe them to me". Winston answered all the questions as if he was talking to a member of the Thought Police. The man wearing red robes raised his hand and showed a fist. The armored men then grabbed and threw Winston overboard off the ship. While falling, Winston then knew why everyone was chained to metal blocks. They were used to keep us from floating to the surface. In the ocean, there were dozens of people squirming to get out of their chains to swim to the surface for air. However, Winston did not squirm or shake. He just stood there slowly descending to the bottom of the ocean. He accepted his fate and drowned knowing that he was such a big threat to Big Brother that he had to die and be erased from the government's history. The only question Winston still had was," How did they know?".

Cast Actors And Actresses For The Movie Version

Winston Smith - Armie Hammer

Julia - Jennifer Lawrence

O'Brien - Jeremy Renner

Syme - Christopher Mintz Plasse

Big Brother - Kevin Spacey

Goldstein - Christoph Waltz

Winston's Mother - Jennifer Aniston

Winston's Sister - Alicia Vikander

Mrs. Parsons - Rose Byrne

Mr. Parsons - Vincent D'Onofrio

Mr. and Mrs. Parsons' Children - Maisie Williams, Jack Gleeson

Mr. Charrington - Donald Sutherland

Ideals of Freedom

In the United States of America, we are born with rights and freedom. Some of those rights are Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Press, Freedom of Religion, and etc. These rights allow us to express our ideas and who we are to the public. For example, I am legally allowed to give my opinion about the president of the United States. That opinion might be positive, but it could be negative. Either way I am allowed to give my opinion of because of my rights. However in a country like North Korea, I might not have these freedoms. Let's say I was a citizen living in North Korea. I would not be able to give my opinion on anything, share something to the press, or open my religion. All those freedoms would be controlled by the government. They would pick my opinion on things, what I see on the media, and what my religion is. For example in North Korea, my opinion on the government would be amazing, the things I see on their media would be things that they want me to see, and I would believe Kim Jong Un is a god. If you think about it, this government isn't too different to the setting of the book "1984" by George Orwell. In the book all the citizens are basically brainwashed by the government. The government was able to do this because they controlled the citizens by maintaining what goes on the media. They literally change history to change the way people remember the past. Their "God" is Big Brother. All this and other factors caused the citizens to believe that the society is perfect and free, but in reality it isn't. A country with a government that forbids freedom to its citizens shows collectivism. However, a country with a government that gives its citizens natural rights and freedoms shows individualism.

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