By: Jake Smith

Lucky acts very differnt then most of the charters in the play so far. He acts very shy and skiddish. Pozzo controls Lucky like a slave by making him carry all the bags and tells him what to do for everything.
Lucky is a old man with a hunched back, he is pretty skinny, his neck is all red from all the work he does, and he is physically exhuasted and worn out from everything he is forced to do for Pozzo. Lucky doesnt have much money nor does he eat well like Pozzo but he does what he is told to do so he just has to live with it.
Lucky seems trapped in time when he does the net dance which he has the chance to leave when Pozzo lets go of the leash but he is trapped in life so he cant live and he is just waiting to die. He doesnt have any family to be there to support him to get out of this trap.