by: Anatoly Zelepouga

What is it?

A medical condition where there are extra fingers or toes. When you have this condition you have one of the two types. One type is when your fingers and/or toes are growing with your bones and body and they are functional while the other way it could go is that you can grow the extra fingers or/toes with no bones in it.

Is it dominant or recessive, what chromosome

This disease is a dominant trait and occurs 1 out of 1000 times on babies. It forms on the 7nth chromosome out of your 46 chromosomes.


There is surgery to cut off the extra digits but there is also the chance that the bones grew with the extra digits and you don't really half to cut them off. Another type of treatment is clipping where it will loose blood flow and just fall of.

Chances of getting disease

The chances are based on your family history. This is a very common disease because every 1 out of 1000 babies get the disease when they are born. It occurs on hands or feet or sometimes even both type of limbs.


Some symptoms would be that you have extra working digits or a numb growing out of your limbs near your fingers. You might have other genetic problems depending on how severe or what type your polydactyly you are diagnosis with.


Your doctor will do an exam and look for any of the things that resemble polydactyly. The doctor may do an x-ray and if there are any other genetic problems the doctor will look at your chromosomes


You may have scarring and stiffness in certain parts where the surgery took place on. You will need to were a cast and if needed you will have therapy. You have to go to the doctor to get the clip of if you do vascular clipping and then you will have the digit removed.