Wait Till Helen Comes

By: Mary Downing Hahn Presentation by: Valerie Hannan


The book "Wait Till Helen Comes" is very scary, in the beginning. It starts out in the summer with this family that doesn't get along, and what makes them argue even more is that they are moving. And once they move into this church out in the middle of nowhere, strange things start to happen.

Main Character

Molly is the main character in the book "Wait Till Helen Comes". Molly is a character who is deathly scared of ghosts. She gets very moody at times, but tries to make the best of things. And Once things come to her step sister Heather, things get serious.

5 Most Important Events In This Book

1.) The family (Heather, Molly, Michael, Dave and Jean) move to a church basically in the middle of no where.

2.) The family doesn't get a long at all, always fighting.

3.) They find out there is a graveyard in their backyard.

4.) A ghost named Helen comes into Play

5.) Heather almost drowns but Molly saves.


Heather and Molly reunited Helen and her family. And the family is peaceful now that Helen is gone.


The book is about a family that does not get along at all. Jean is the mother of Molly and Michael. Dave is the father of Heather. Heather has never really got along with other people besides her dad and her grand mother. But when the family moves into a church in the middle of nowhere, Heather finds herself a friend, who is dead. Helen is the ghost who has been torturing Molly, Michael, and Jean. Later on Helen tries to drown Heather telling her they will go to this wonderful land with unicorns and rainbows, Which is actually the bottom of Harper Pond. But Molly comes to save her. When they find shelter, they fall into a hole. The other family members finally find them. They all some how get along and live in peace without arguing.


In my opinion, the theme of this book is treat people the way you want to be treated, even though they treat you badly. Because you never know what they might be hiding inside.

I think this is the theme because Heather accidentally started the fire and killed her mom, but she was only three years old. So she been miserable her whole life, and that's why she gives everyone she doesn't know such attitude. And Molly and Michael give the same attitude back, but they don't know the terrible secret she has been hiding ever since she was three.

Informative/Nonfiction Source


1) Ghosts want to be noticed
2) They use their energy and ours to move things
3) They may appear as mists or vapors
4) They can make sounds that are audible
5) When a ghost enters a room, the room usually gets very cold

Paragraph from nonfiction sorce

According to "Paranormal Life After Death" ghosts want to be noticed, which makes sense from my IR book because Helen was noticed and wanted to be. Ghosts use their energy and ours to move things ("Paranormal Life After Death"). Helen used her energy and Heather's to destroy Molly, Michael, and Jean's stuff. "They make sounds that are audible" Paranormal Life After Death Stated. Anyone could hear Helen talk. When a ghost enters a room it gets very cold, when Helen was present, everyone would get cold. A lot of these facts do tie in with my IR book, Wait Till Helen Comes.