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Issue 6: April 1st 2019

State Testing Season

It is that time of year, yes state testing is here for JCMS. Your child will be taking the state reading and math tests during the month of April. Language Arts test will be held Monday, April 8th and Tuesday, April 9th with make ups being done the remainder of the week. Math tests will be held Monday, April 15th and Tuesday, April 16th with make ups being done the remainder of the week.

Below are some tips to help with the state testing experience:

- Make sure to get enough rest the night before with an early bed time and removal of electronics from the bedroom.

- Eating a healthy breakfast.

- Charging and ensuring all the latest updates have been installed on the computer before the day(s) of state testing.

- We also encourage avoiding appointments and any family leave on these planned dates so we can get everyone tested as soon as possible.

- If there is anxiety about testing, we encourage practicing positive self-talk and relaxation techniques to help with the situation.

We would also like to give a huge shout out to all families who donated snacks and helped with the organization of getting the snacks ready for the classrooms. You were a tremendous help and cannot be thanked enough for your generosity and assistance.


Regular school attendance is one of the most powerful ways you can prepare your child for success—both in school and in life. When you make school attendance a priority, you help your child get better grades, develop healthy life habits, avoid dangerous behavior and have a better chance of graduating from high school.

When students are absent for fewer days, their grades and reading skills often improve. When kids are absent for an average of just two days of school per month—even when the absences are excused– it can have a negative impact. These absences can affect kids as early as Kindergarten.

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Counseling Corner with Frint

The month of April is an odd time in 6th grade. You don't really feel new to the building anymore but you also are not quite a 7th grader so everyone is kind of in no man's land. April and May have the potential for stagnation in regards to grades, effort and behavior but I encourage a mind-set of thinking of 7th grade. I know that is difficult with "Spring Fever" in the air but pushing through those thoughts and feeling is helpful. Grades count now for next school year and in order to participate in fall and winter sports you have to have passing efforts to play football, volleyball, cross country, wrestling and girls basketball. So putting forth effort is super important.

How is communication going with your children right now? With everything that has happened in the past few weeks at JCMS and the community I think communication with each other is key. I know I have reached out to students a little more frequently and want them to know we are here for them. My motto the past few weeks has been, "Don't take the chance, ask." I continue to encourage to talk at home and be vigilant in checking their technology devices and accounts. While your child may be upset you are checking on them let them know the reasons why.

As far as what I am working on right now. With state testing season I help as a quiet setting for students who need it along with assisting with student make ups. So catching me the second and third week of April may be a challenge but as always leave a message and I will contact you back. I am also in the middle of processing your children's requests for electives as 7th graders. I can't stress enough that if you know your child does not want to be in band or orchestra next school year you need to contact me as soon as possible. Once I fully complete the process, favorite electives are filled up and your child(ren) will not get their top choices. Also, if your child wishes to add band or orchestra next school year I need that information as well.

AVID Elective Class - Still Accepting Students for Next Year

AVID is for students who want to go to college and are willing to work hard to get there. If you and your child have these dreams for the future, AVID is the class for them!

To learn more about the class and its positive impact, please see the short videos below.

Also, an application for the AVID class is attached below. Please fill out the application packet completely, and return to AVID Room C117 (8th grade pod) or to the Counseling Center, by the end of the week (April 5).

You can also apply for the class online using this link: https://tinyurl.com/ybew8pw7


Important Dates the month of April

Friday, April 5th from 3pm-4:45pm - National Junior Honor Society is hosting a dance where 6th, 7th and 8th grader can attend if they have their 4th 6 weeks Renaissance Card and $2. We also encourage you to bring extra money for soda and snacks.

Friday, April 5th - End of the 5th 6 Weeks & AVID applications are due

Monday, April 8th - State Language Arts Testing

Tuesday, April 9th - State Language Arts Testing

Monday, April 15th - State Math Testing

Tuesday, April 16th - State Math Testing

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