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Week of 4/27/2015

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Upcoming Events

Monday, April 27th

  • Progress reports sent home
  • Educational Technology Class at 6:00

Tuesday, April 28th

  • 3rd grade field trip to the Perot Museum

Thursday, April 30th

  • Staff meeting after school
  • General PTA meeting 6:00
  • Sock Hop 6:00- 7:30

Saturday, May 2nd

  • Fun Family Fitness Day at 10:00-12:00

Monday, May 4th

  • Second Grade field trip to Sharkarosa

Tuesday, May 5th

  • Becca and Christine's baby shower after school

Wednesday, May 6th

  • Zack and Jana out at Principal meetings
  • National Bike to School Day
  • Nurse Appreciation Day

Thursday, May 7th

  • Team Leader meeting after school (This will not be canceled)
  • 3rd grade Live Green
  • Kindergarten performance at 6:30

Friday, May 8th

  • Kindergarten field trip to OLC
  • 3rd grade Live Green

Tech Tidbits

FCRR Center and stations literacy activities that work on Phonics, Vocabulary, Fluency and Comprehension. Easily printed and integrated into your classroom or small group.

Our Staff Rocks!

Brags to......

Thanks to Phoebe Choe for supporting my teamwork/sportsmanship lesson by doing an activity with her kiddos at recess last week.

Nina – Everytime at this time of year I am reminded how amazing you are! Thanks for all your hard work in organizing and helping STAAR be as successful as possible for our students and staff! We appreciate you!!! Ms. Bailey

Even though it poured down rain outside and K-2 teachers had to use the inside sidewalk, the teachers did a great job of keeping their students quiet during STAAR testing. A big thank you !!

I would like to thank Amanda Valentini for signing up to help with the district Sport Stacking Tournament. She came right after school to help set up and stayed until the end. What a trooper! I am blessed to have her on the Specials team.

LeeAnn Sheppard and Jodi Leonard do a great job keeping up with the numbers as they're called each day at carpool.

Samantha Fisk shows such concern and kindness talking to her group at carpool time. It gives them such a nice send-off each day.

Thank you to the 5th grade team for their extra effort and friendship as I have gone through some personal illness. They are the best team ever!!!

Shelly Sisco- Thank you for keeping me on track everyday! You are an awesome teacher and friend!

Lori Pendegrass- Thank you for co-team leading with me. You do an awesome job and have so much leadership potential. With all the crazy times around end of year planning and STAAR you have been amazing with all you take on. THANK YOU!

Zack Pruett and Jana Sandall- Thank you for being so caring regarding my absences. Your compassion and support is something you cannot replace! Thanks for being great leaders!

Way to go Melissa McCary and Nicole Reiley on your leadership with Student Council!!

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Quick Links!

  1. RAH Student Sign-Up
  2. RAH Teacher List
  3. Taste of Technology - This is a PISD website designed to feature instructional technology integration. There are so many resources listed on this site.
  4. Text is Beautiful - Have an interesting piece of text you want to showcase? Looking for innovative ways to present your text? Want to garner deeper insight from your text? This website identifies emergent topics and utilizes a rich array of metrics to highlight meaningful relationships and real insight into your texts. This deeper context is simply unavailable to many tools that rely solely on word counting. Don’t take our word for it, try it for yourself.

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