Each of us has something that inspires us to want to be great! For some of us it is our family, including our husbands, kids, parents, etc. For others it may be a simple sense of accomplishment or the need to succeed.

Whatever it may be, continually remind yourself of what your inspiration is to be great and allow it to drive you to be the best educator for our students EVERYDAY!

Take a moment and see what inspires others around the building, by reading their tickets posted on the bulletin board outside of the lounge! Thank you, Ms. Supelveda for making such a great bulletin board!

"Greatness is alot of small things done very well everyday" -Louis Howes


  • CHICK-FIL-A SPIRIT NIGHT! Thank you to all those that came out and showed their Collins Spirit at our first Chick-File-A Spirit Night! We had over 30 families and 30 staff members who helped raise money for the school! #CollinsProud
  • CHARACTER PARADE! Our first character parade will take place on Friday, October 22nd. Each class will have an opportunity to parade around the school and showcase their class or individual characters and their book. This event is to promote literacy and the love of reading. Thank you in advance for using your creativity and making this a fun event for our students!
  • PUMPKIN DECORATING CONTEST! Please stop by to sign up to decorate a pumpkin for the decorating contest. These pumpkins are always such a hit with our families! Pumpkins will be delivered to you on Monday and should be completed and ready to display by Friday morning at 8:30am! Please remember not to include your name on any of the pumpkins.
  • BUS RIDERS! We have had quite a few dismissal incidents over the last few weeks in regards to students not being at their correct locations, specifically at bus. In an effort to ensure the safety of our students, we will be taking roll for buses starting Monday. An email was sent earlier this week asking everyone to update their bus riders on the common. These list will be laminated and hung near each bus sign so that monitors can take attendance daily. This will allow us to verify student whereabouts. Thank you for helping make student safety a priority!
  • BEHAVIOR CELEBRATION! Our first Behavior Celebration of the year will be on Wednesday, October 19th. As discussed with teams and at ABC, please make sure that your list of students who are attending is already completed before going to the celebration. The list to complete names for all Award's Day is already on the common under 16-17 information, Award's Day. Awards for A/B behavior will be now be issued, so insert names accordingly. Please be on the lookout for an additional email about Award's Day and the celebration!
  • BREAST CANCER AWARENESS MONTH! We will be celebrating Breast Cancer Awareness Month by wearing pink tops with jeans every Wednesday for the month of have two more Wednesdays to wear pink and jeans!


Mrs. Edge!

Thank you Mrs. Edge for all that you do for the students and staff at Collins! You rock!

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  • Thank you to Eddie Castillo for conducting a great Technology PLC this week! The hope is that everyone feels better equipped to meet the technology needs of our students!
  • Mr. Sandler was caught engaging students in a great lesson on building rocket ships! He even recycled paper to complete the project! Great job engaging students and being resourceful!
  • Mr. Dorsten was caught making homemade apple sauce to tie into his lesson on apples. It was DELICIOUS! Way to go on making the lesson authentic for students!
  • Speaking about apples....PK teachers were also caught teaching students about apples and tied learning to both math and reading. Apple tasting was also observed in Mrs. Maldonado's class! Awesome! See pics below!
  • Thank you to ALL of ILT for supporting the Chick-Fil-A spirit Night, as well the following staff members: Julia Loper, Claudia Maldonado, Hilda Pafford, Diana Giraldo, Ramona Acklin, Lindsey Price, An Nguyen, Graciela Rodriguez, Peg Palmer, Robyn Harris, Ginger Edge, Leslie Rodriguez, Angel West, Barbara Moore, Cassy Hayes, and Ola Adesuyi! You guys are AWESOME! :)
  • Thank you to Mrs. Cornejo and the entire hospitality committee for doing a FANTASTIC job with Sabor Latina! The food and atmosphere was wonderful! Also, thank you to all those that cooked food for this great event! Everything was delicious!
  • Shout out to Olga Alvarado, Raquel Anderson, Carlos Calderon, Isabel Gotz, Gwen Lavine, and Christian Watson for having perfect attendance for the 2015-2016 school year! Thank you for your dedication and commitment! You all ROCK!
  • Thank you to Ginger Edge, Ola Adesuyi, and Douglas Dorsten for emailing inspirational quotes for the marquee challenge. The office team voted on the quote "We aren't special, we are limited editions" submitted by Mr. Dorsten! Check it out on the marquee! Let's hope we win!


Great teaching happens here!

Great Work Happens Here!



7 Josephine Lees

10 Nerlande Joseph

14 Shahira Ehiemua

16 Sheena Robinson

25 Olga Alvarado

28 Juliette Barcaz

31 Darci Silva



19 Behavior Celebration

20 Award's Day

21 Character Parade

22 Fall Festival

24-28 Red Ribbon Week

27 Ms. Shen's Retirement Celebration @ 3:45