Designer Babies

By: Lauren Simon & Maggie Sullivan

What is a designer baby?

A designer baby is a baby where parents pick the babies genes to prevent any disease or gene disorder they might get during actual birth with their real parents genes.

How is it being used currently?

They are currently being used today by certain parents not wanting there children to have the genetic disorders they have so they give their children the advantage at not being put at risks of getting genetic disorders.

Benefits and disadvantages

The benefits of designer babies are that there will be a positive outcome from this and it alleviates parents stress of knowing there kids will have a disorder such as down syndrome and Huntington's disease. The disadvantages would be that the procedure cost a lot of money and there could be a potential gap in society.

How does it affect organisms physically?

Designer babies are affected physically because other peoples genes would be getting put into the baby and they might become more prettier and smarter then non designer babies. Also, they wouldn't have any disorders and would be brand new just like a normal baby.
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Whats its economic affect?

They are economically affected by its high expenses. Some people cannot afford designer babies, but still get them to make their children's life better.

How does it affect the environment?

They affect the environment because some people disagree with the idea of designer babies. People believe that designer babies are unnatural and they don't like it because its not a safe procedure.

How does it affect the world in a social aspect?

Designer babies will affect society by affecting the people that want to make a designer baby and it will cause a gap in society. The parents will get affected by having to spend all this money and since they have an unhealthy embryo that can get affected by a deadly disease. It causes a gap in society by the designer babies being more attractive and smarter so that it would cause gaps between them and non designer babies.

How will it affect our future?

Designer babies will affect the future in a good way because more people will start to use designer babies and there will be less of genetic disorders present in society. Also scientist will finally be able to understand how to really make designer babies work and there will be no defaults during the procedure.
Designer Babies?