Google Apps for Education

Cameron ISD

We are a Google Apps for Education District (GAFE)

What does this mean?

Google Drive

With Google Drive you can create documents, presentations, spreadsheets, and forms. These are all stored in the CLOUD and editable from many devices. They are also easily shared between collaborators.

Google Drive Apps

Google Docs

Create collaborative documents that are saved within the cloud.

Google Slides

Create collaborative presentations that are saved within the cloud.

Google Sheets

Create spreadsheets that are saved within the cloud.

Google Forms

Create online quizzes and polls that are saved within the cloud. All responses are combined into a Google Sheet and can be graded, sorted, and shared.

Google Drawings

The modern version of Paint


Google's version of Facebook.

Google Mail

Of course, an email service provided by Google. Under GAFE the adds are blocked. You can install many features or try various labs which are experimental features.

Google Mail Features

How to install Labs

Google Calendar

Great way to organize your events. Create a calendar and share it with your parents, students, or the public.

Google Talk (Chat Service)

Instant Messaging through your Google Talk account as well as through GMail, Google+, or Google Hangouts. The chat feature allows text or voice and video chats. All chats are saved and searchable.

Set up Chat

Google Chrome

Chrome is a fast, simple, and secure web browser. You are also able to add apps and extensions to Chrome. All of these are saved on your Chrome profile and are able to be accessed on multiple devices.

Chrome Apps and Extensions

Google Music

Listen to your music from any computer as well as up to ten devices. Uploading or downloading music using Music Manager or Google Play Music for Chrome counts towards your device limit. You can deauthorize four devices per year.

Google Sites

Google Sites is powerful enough for a company intranet, yet simple enough for a family website. You can start a site from scratch or from a template.


Yes, you have your very own YouTube account because you have a Google account. Easily upload videos for your students to view.

Google Groups

Create groups for easy communication.

Google Classroom

Google's answer to Edmodo.

Chrome Web Store