Cyber bulling

keep calm and stop bulling

Be safe and DON'T bully.

Cyber bulling is when someone gets bullied by the internet. It is not god to get bullied by the internet or face to face any type of bulling is not expectable. When someone gets bullied it is not right because they might lose self-confidence. It is sad when someone gets bullied because when they get bullied they might kill their self so that people can stop bulling them. And there family would be very sad because their loved one is not with them no more and instead of killing their self they should talk to someone about it so that they can get help and not have to help their self by suicide. So if you know any one that in being bullied then tell a trusted adult so that that person can get help ASAP!

6 Tips

1. When someone is bulling you on the internet STOP what doing and BLOCK them then TELL an adult.

2. Talk to a trusted adult if you know if someone is getting bullied on the internet

3. Raise awareness of the cyber bullying problem in your

community by holding an assembly and creating fliers to

Give to younger kids or parents.

4. Treat other the way you want to be treated.

5. Don’t cyber bully back. Revenge is never the best answer.

6. Don’t delete any of the emails, texts, or messages. They can serve as evidence.

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