Bright - "A School to Emulate!"

A Fresh Start - 9/5 - 9/9/16

Four (4) Day Week!

This is a four (4) day week and short weeks sometimes feel longer than 5 day weeks. Somehow we always try to fit five (5) days worth of learning into four (4) days worth of time. We will work hard and do what we can.

Adventure Dash: I recently met with members of the PTA and learned more about the Adventure Dash that will be taking place the week of September 12th. This is my first experience with Adventure Dash and I was unaware of the details. I apologize for not giving you more time to prepare for the changes in the schedule. There will be a 30 minute assembly on Thursday (9/8) from 2:10 to 2:40 pm. The staff are asked to stay for a 15 minute meeting with the Adventure Dash staff immediately after dismissal on Thursday (9/8). We will meet in the library. Next week, members from the Adventure Dash staff will be on site from arrival through dismissal to help promote the run. The actual run will happen next week Friday (9/16) from 8:30 to 11:30 am. Each grade level will have an hour to participate. Weekly events and details about the run will be communicated throughout the week. Thank you for your cooperation and flexibility.

CABS: A member of the district CABS team visited Bright on Friday afternoon. She shared some of the students issues that were addressed last year. After a 20 minute meeting I took our visitor on a tour. She was amazed by the culture, climate and expectations that have been set. Our visitor said, "I can't believe it! It's a totally different campus." I am so proud of you. Keep it up!

T-TESS: Carrie and I have divided our T-TESS groups in Eduphoria. When you login you will be able to access the T-TESS documents. We will be hosting an optional SMART goals planning session after our Professional Learning meeting on Wednesday (9/7). If you would like some support with writing your SMART goals we will be available to help. Below are our campus goals to help guide your thinking:

Academic - This year we will increase the number of students earning a 1 or 2 on the STAAR student progress measure by at least 10%.

Behavior - This year we will reduce the number of student office referrals by at least 10%.

You will need a Personal Practice Goal and a Student Learning Outcome Goal. I have included the link to the T-TESS goal setting training Google Slide. Refer to slide 9 - Carri and I will also be emailing a sign-up genius to schedule your goals conference and announced observation.

Dismissal: This is a reminder for students walking home. After exiting the front of the building they have the option to walk along the left or right sides of the building to their destinations.

PTA Membership: Our goal is to have 100% of our staff join the Bright PTA. It is $10 for an individual membership and $15 for a family membership. We want every child at Bright to be represented and your membership contribution helps us reach that goal. Also, the Bright PTA could win an award for 100% participation. You will find membership forms by the staff mailboxes. Remember, we are responsible for our own reputation.

DI & Yearbook: We are in need of two representatives. One to serve as our Destination Imagination (DI) rep and one to serve as our Yearbook rep. If you are interested please let me or Carrie know asap.

WIN: What I Need (WIN) begins Tuesday (9/6). We will use this week to practice

WIN expectations and movement around the grade level. Carrie and Kari met with each grade level about the specifics. This is our first experience so please be reflective. We will use your feedback to make adjustments to ensure that the process is smooth.

SST: The Student Success Team (SST) meeting dates are set for Mondays immediately after dismissal. Check the campus calendar for your grade level SST meeting dates.

Visitors: This is a reminder that visitors will be welcome to join us for lunch and GMB beginning this week. As we welcome our visitors let's help them learn and understand procedures and expectations that may be new to them.

Thanks everyone and let's have a great week!

Instructional Highlights_You Got Caught...

Maria for her classroom morning meetings. The students shared personal stories and classmates made connections. The class was engaged, showed empathy and kindness toward one another. Jordan for her classroom morning meetings. The students offered compliments to one another for work well done. 1st Grade for their thoughtful collaborative planning meeting. The focus was on Social Emotional Learning (SEL) and how they could make it a consistent focus across the grade level. 2nd grade for their collaborative planning meeting. They came with disaggregated data for WIN and sorted students based on academic need. Kristen C. for her math lesson. The students shared learning strategies and Kristen explicitly helped students to make connections.


During lunch a kinder student asked, "Can you open my apple?" He wanted someone to take a big bite and get him started.

Great Job!

Instructional Team Leaders had their first leadership meeting and it was great. Our ITLs have the added responsibility of guiding each grade level/department. Let's show them some extra love. Veronica, Julie & Sheeba for buckling down and learning new strategies to support our 1st grade student. Cafeteria staff for providing the staff fresh fruit. This is a great way to keep us energized. 2nd grade for preparing and performing the skit on integrity during GMB.

This Week is a B-Week!

9/5 - No School (Labor Day)

9/6 - WIN Begins

9/6 - 3rd Grade Collaborative Planning

9/7 - 4th Grade Collaborative Planning

9/7 - SST Training and Optional SMART Goals Planning 3:15 - 4:15 pm

9/8 - 5th Grade Collaborative Planning

9/8 - Adventure Dash Assembly 2:10 pm

9/8 - Adventure Dash Staff Meeting 3:15 - 3:30

9/8 - GMB 8:00 am

Principal's Schedule

On campus all week!

Happy Birthday!

None this week!

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