2nd Reading and Writing Planning

January 5-8, 2016

Reading TEKS 2.9 A, B

2.9 Fiction-Students understand, make inferences and draw conclusions about the structure and elements of fiction and provide evidence from the text to support.

(A) describe the similarities and differences in the plots and settings of several works by the same author.

(B) describe main characters in works of fiction, including their traits, motivations and feelings.

Looking Ahead:

1/11 Fiction

1/18 Drama

1/25 Expository

2/1 and 2/8 Theme and Genre

2/15 Procedural

2/22 Fiction

2/29 Expository

3/7 ?

Writing TEKS 2.19 B

2.19 B write short letters that put ideas in a chronological or logical sequence and use appropriate conventions (date, salutation, closing)

We could start expository if you would rather do that. We can discuss tomorrow .

Social Studies TEKS 2.5 A, B

(5) Geography. The student uses simple geographic tools such as maps and globes. The student is expected to:

(A) interpret information on maps and globes using basic map elements such as title, orientation (north, south, east, west), and legend/map keys; and

(B) create maps to show places and routes within the home, school, and community.