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July-August 2016 News and Updates

Third Annual Administrative Assistants-Secretaries Professional Learning

When Does the Professional Learning Occur and Where?

July 28-29 and August 1-2, 2016 are the scheduled dates for professional learning for administrative assistants and secretarial staff for the 2016-2017 year. This training will take place at Parkview High School, 516 W. Meadowmere.

Where Should I Park and Enter the Building?

Please use the north parking lot and enter the building from the door on the north side of the building. The day begins at 8:00, however, join us earlier for a light breakfast of scones/muffins. There are multiple courses offered for your convenience spread out over the four day session.

How do I Register for the Courses?

Munis Employee Self Help is the location for scheduling your courses. This will need to be accomplished prior to July 28 to ensure the course you want has space available. The sooner you sign up the better.

Will There Be Online Courses Offered?

In addition to the seated classes at PHS, participants will be able to select some online courses, To access the online classes, log in Canvas>Secretary Training (listed under courses) and look for Secretary Training Course. There will be a listing of online courses available for your selection.

If I am a New Secretary, How Do I Access Canvas?

1. Canvas username is your employee ID # and initial password is your first initial, last initial, & last four digits of SSN (Ex: AW1234) – you can change it after initial log in

2. Once logged in, you will see a Secretary & Administrative Assistant Support course on your dashboard.

Do I Have to Register for Online Courses?

No, the online courses are available 24/7 for your use or review of key points. You access them on your time frame and convenience.

What if the Course listed in the "Who should attend" spreadsheet is not really something my job requires me to do, or another secretary does that task. Do I still need to attend that course because it is listed in my job description column?

The answer depends. If you really do not do the task, and there is another secretary that is responsible solely for that task or job, then no, you do not need to attend. However, if you are the backup person for a secretary at your building, and you might need the information to answer parent questions or fill in during another person's absence, then, yes, you should attend. You be the judge. Each of the courses are important in the efficient /effective processes and procedures for our district. Just make sure someone in your building understands and has the working knowledge offered in this professional learning.

Have more questions? Ann White can assist. Call her at 523-0230 or the in- district number is 75430.

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Welcome Back! A Friendly Reminder About New Students and Enrollment

August brings an onslaught of enrollments and new to your school students. Please make sure as you enroll students the following information is reviewed.

1. Enroll student with the full legal name

2. Include middle names

3. If the student name indicates generation, please be sure to include it. For example: Jr. Sr. III

4. Notice spelling and double check details. For example: Jayden/Jaydon

5. A nick name can be entered into that field, but use legal first name to avoid confusion in a records search

6. Any legal name change documents should be attached electronically to the eSchool paper clip

The SPS Volunteer Program

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SPS Site Volunteer Coordinator Training Streamlined and Other Good News

Good news for individuals who manage the volunteers at their building or department. The Site Volunteer Coordinator (SVC) training has been simplified and separated into easy modules that allow pacing and review of essential information regarding SVC duties and responsibilities, finding and evaluating the volunteer applicant's background status. This training can be located by following this pathway through Canvas: Log into Canvas>Glass Classroom>In-Depth Study>Volunteer Icon>Volunteer Training. If you do not have access to Canvas, contact the Blended Learning Department at 523-0417.

All SPS Volunteers who needed a new or updated background check during 2015-2016 received them free of charge based on an increase in the SPS Volunteer Program Budget. The hours provided by our volunteers at the sites allows more time for our staff to focus their attentions on classrooms and the academic needs of our students. We thank the Board of Education for supporting our ability to provide free background checks.

The Explore program and Artworks benefited from volunteer this summer, who assisted in a variety of ways and participated in summer field trips during June and July.

A friendly reminder: All volunteers should complete a new volunteer application for 2016-2017. Why? Site Volunteer Coordinators will want updated information regarding contact phone and addresses, and emergency information for their volunteers, A new volunteer application will allow the SVC to sort by school years and not confuse the process of who needs updated or new background checks. Keeping this current will assist in the safety and security of school staff and students.

MOST OFTEN ASKED QUESTION: Do Springfield Public School employees need a background check to assist at their child's school or go on field trips as a chaperon?

ANSWER: Yes, a SPS employee when acting as a parent should have a volunteer background check. The employee's background status does not transfer or apply to "parent" volunteer activities. Please have your volunteers, regardless of who they are or where they work, complete a volunteer application and follow the prescribed steps to approve them as a building volunteer.

Burning Question-Enrollment

Excerpts from Board of Education Policy JEC explains individuals seeking admission to the district schools, and its instructional programs must satisfactorily meet all residency, academic, age, immunization, discipline and other eligibility prerequisites as established by Board policy and law. Students who are homeless, in foster care or are otherwise entitled to admission will be admitted in accordance with Board policy and law.

Year after year, The Records Office is asked questions about which documents are necessary at the time of enrollment. Follow the link below to learn more about SPS enrollment information which includes key documents.

Question: What if the parent does not have a social security card or birth certificate, does that mean I cannot enroll the child?

Answer: It depends, you can ask for a birth certificate and the social security card, but you cannot deny enrollment if they don't have or refuse to give them to you.

Here is what is important: You are looking for ways to connect the child with the adult legally. Ask for other documents, such as birth records, hospital records, divorce documents, parenting plan, DNA-Paternity documents, child support records. If you run into a road block, give the Records Office staff a call for assistance.

It gets even more complicated when dealing with families who qualify for homeless services. If that is the case, and a family is in transition, call Lynn Schirk, the SPS Homeless Liaison at 523-7587 or 75827.

Meet Lynn Schirk- The SPS Homeless Liaison

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News and Updates for Families in Transition

Secretaries will meet Lynn Schirk during the Administrative Assistants/Secretary Training July 28-29 and Aug. 1-2 at Parkview High School. She will be presenting important information about McKinney-Vento and how it applies to eligible students/families. In the coming months, her department will be provide additional information monthly in the FOR the RECORD newsletter. Her office is located in the Bentley Building, 1610 E. Sunshine and her phone number is 417 523-7587, or 75827.


The Student Information Team is looking forward to seeing Administrative Assistants and Secretaries at the Third Annual Secretary Professional Learning Sessions being held at Parkview High School July 28- 29 and August 1-2, 2016. Be watching for an email that will contain information about signing up for the sessions that relate to your work. Amy St. John, Tina Garrett, Deidre Bennett, Ron Ronk and Julie Pinegar are excited about continuing to provide effective and efficient customer service you this school year. See you soon.

Administrative Services: What Exactly Does that Department Do?

The Manager of Administrative Services, Ann White, provides a variety of services to support District departments and school sites. Simply put:

1. Assists in resolution and positive solutions with parents;

2. Collaborates with Attendance Services and Building Principals to verify student residency;

3. Oversees court subpoenas of student records and supports employees who receive subpoenas in understanding their responsibilities;

4. Oversees and manages the SPS Volunteer Program and supports over 57 site volunteer coordinators at the sites and departments..

Give Ann a call if you need assistance in any or all of these areas.

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