Physical Therapist

Nate Fitch

What Does a Physical Therapist do?

Physical Therapist assess patients and create plans to help them improve their movement, relieve pain, and increase strength.

Certification Needed to Practice

Most programs require you to have a bachelor's degree prior to admission into a Doctor of Physical Therapy program. To practice as a Physical Therapist you must earn a Doctor of Physical Therapy program. Most programs require a minimum 3.0 GPA for entrance into program.

Daily Activities

A day would working as a physical therapist is described such as helping people with injury's and/or illnesses to regain range of movement and control of pain.

Education requirements

As stated in the, "Certification Needed to Practice" section Education Requirements for a Physical Therapist is to have a bachelor's degree, then to enter a Doctor of Physical Therapy program in which you can only enter that program if your GPA is a 3.0 or higher.

Payday- Average Income? Beginning and Potential

A salary for a Physical Therapist is 60,000 for a starting salary and your potential is as much as 100,000

What skills are necessary to be successful in this profession?

The ability to safely bend, twist, and lift to assist a patient moving from one surface to another. Plus 28 others in which you can find at

Practice Settings: Where would you work?

Private Physical Therapy Offices, Rehabilitation center, Nursing home, Community health centers, Sports Facilities, etc.

Fun Facts

Physical Therapist can treat vertigo.

Physical Therapist can work in a variety of settings.

There are different types of physical therapy.

Physical Therapy for the Neck : Stretching & Relaxation for Neck Physical Therapy