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Sixth Newsletter, February 2017

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The last year of the project has been a very intensive year, it has been focused on feedback and platform adjustments that make us aware about the main difficulties and barriers to stablish a succesful startup beyond the Project. Many interviews have been performed to get and accurate view about the key points for our customers and our main potencial partners in a short term.

We wants to list the main conclusions in a list of assertions that we conclude after this period of feedback and market observation.


  • The Saas market is starting to react. It's growing double digit
  • The Public admnistration is also interested to move to cloud
  • The Cloud Providers need to provide more value by means of new content or news ways of operating systems more easy and simple
  • The app providers are willing to be part of the market place even to pay for beign certified.

PPAA contracts:

  • The whole process of public administration purchase has to be more agile and simple otherwise the barriers to enroll a market place are too big.
  • The procedure to share applications between public administrations has to be improved.
  • A legal support or at least some legal template have to be produced to reduce the complexity for public administrations.
  • Medium and Small PPAA are pushed to be “Smart” but they do not have the resources of Big PPAA
  • Medium and Small are expecting Big PPAA to be leaders of this process of “altruism”
  • No one wants to loose the control of his staff as a consequence of beign part of and aggregate purchase.
  • Previous experience in sharing applications results in a more complicated contract to adopt it.
  • Financing services and scale economies are needed to support the médium and small companies


  • The platform has to be open to many clouds including the public open.
  • Someone has to provide some garantee, certification or recomendation over the catalogue to add value to it
  • Main applications are not going to migrate, but “satellite Apps” are fitting well our model.
  • Docker technology is fully adopted and wellcome
  • Devops technologies are still difficult to adopt in PPA
  • Applications can be organized by topics or áreas
  • Open Source Applications are good candidates to be part of the catalogue
  • Inter AAPP aplications are also good candidate
  • Applications that are Citizen focused could also be good for cloud deployment
  • A posible improvement could be to “manage the demand” from the begining, from the requirements.


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The Municipal Institute of Information Technology (IMI) as coordinator of the European project CloudOpting organized together with the other partners of the project the Workshop “European Open Source Cloud” to participate in the development of a service model to create a portal application by the AAPP at a European level.

This workshop will be used us final conference of the CloudOpting project and we will present the results of this 3 year project.

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    • Make a participative workshop that will help us in the service definiton for a Cross Border European Cloud.
    • Present Trends in the market
    • Present existing iniciatives like : Cloudfounfry and EUROCLOUD.
    • Present Cloudopting as a real alternative to have a CrossBorder Cloud for Public Administration.

The main outcomes of the workshop:
    • A Service Blueprint of CloudOpting.

    • An engagement to sign an Agreement with Cat PL (Association of Open Source companies)

    • An engagement to sign an Agreement with EuroCloud

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The Service Blueprint of CloudOpting.

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Moments of the Workshop



Connectivity and Collaboration are Key for the Future of Smart Cities – 2nd February at Stamford Bridge

The Smart City UK conference took place on the 2nd February at Stamford Bridge.Talks all agreed on one thing – that connectivity is key when forming Smart Cities. This doesn’t just mean in terms of device and network connectivity, which is used for data transfer, but also in terms of collaboration and community engagement. By collaborating, different solutions for a range of barriers to Smart Cities can be discovered.

This is essentially the aim of the CloudOpting project. By creating a platform that allows local authorities to share their own applications and IT solutions, other authorities can take advantage of access to these public services rather than developing their own applications. This sharing of resources helps everyone to save money. Less time and money is wasted on different organisations developing the same service; instead this collaboration allows for local authorities budget to be used in other areas. This is particularly important as local governments are seeing more and more cuts to their budgets.

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CloudOpting was present again at the Smart City Expo 2016 in the booth of the Municipality of Barcelona, the event that brought together over 600 cities more than 420 speakers, and 16.000 visitors. Many contacts were made with the aim of promoting the platform. The event was also useful to present the CloudOpting Hackathon and to engage new stakeholders.

We have confirmed the interest of many stakeholders to follow the results of the CloudOpting project. A lot of Service Providers want to be part of the platform, or at least are taking into account to be part of it. Some of them are very enthusiastic.

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24-27th Oct. 2016 at IoT Exhibition Area

We have been at the IOT Solutions World Congress, the leading global event focusing on industrial IOT, promoting the CloudOpting Hackathon and talking with potential services providers (Siemens, Everis, Scheneider, Oasys, FC Barcelona, PromAut, IBM, Ackstorm, Task4Work, DataLong16, etc).



24th Oct. 2016 at the City Hall of Barcelona

Mr. Juanjo Lopez ( Operations and Systems Director of the Institut Municipal d’Informàtica, Municipality of Barcelona) and Xavier Xicota (Coordinator of the CloudOpting Project) share the CloudOpting model and have a round table with several public administrations to understand their concerns and give them answers.

Most of the organizations present confirm the interest in CloudOpting and their attendance at the Hackathon to deepen in CloudOpting model.

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From 20th to 22th June 2016 at Wellnes Telecom Headquarter, Sevilla – Spain

The General Assembly held in the Headquater of Wellness Telecom in Seville was very useful. Three days going deep in the Hackathon event, the exploitation routes, the on-going experiments, among other things. To optimize the time available several Management Sessions and Technical Session were performed in parallel. The charm of Seville was present in the social outings.


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Our thanks to all public and private entities that have supported us throughout the 3 years of the project. Without their contributions the project results would not have been the same. We hope to be able to continue with the project in order to solve the real needs that you have transmitted to us. Many thanks to all of you.

The CloudOpting Team

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