Physical Geography Glossary

2.2 Assignment


Area of land drained by a given river and its branches; area of land surrounded by lands of higher elevation.

  • The basin can be found by a river any where around the world.


Wide strait or waterway between two landmasses that lie close to each other; deep part of a river or other waterway.

  • The channel can be found possibly in Hawaii or any of the places around Hawaii.

  • Glaciers can be found in Antartica and Greenland.

  • Gulf is found by Mexico, were the Gulf of Mexico comes in.

  • Islands can be found around Hawaii.


Body of land jutting into a lake or ocean, surrounded on three sides by water.

  • Peninsulas can be found in Florida, Mexico, and Italy.


Area of level land, usually at low elevation and often covered with grasses.

  • Plains can be found in the West part of Texas.

  • Plateaus can be found in Colorado and East Asia.

  • Seas can be found by Brazil. Its called the Caribbean Sea.

  • Valleys can be found in about every continent on earth that has land between mountains or hills.