A Christmas Carol The Play

Nick Parker

You should go see the play A Christmas Carol inspired by the book written by Charles Dickens. The play has stellar actors, great lighting and sound effects, and amazing stage props. First of all, the actors were great. They looked just how I imagined them with their makeup and clothing. For example, Scrooge had old, but clean clothes. He also had neat hair and looked old. They knew every line extremely well, and used great expression. Sometimes, the actors were funny too! Another reason to go see this play is the great lighting and sound effects. During happy scenes, there was a yellowish lighting. Sad times had a white light. The sound effects sucked me into the story. Suspenseful, joyful, and sad music was played. Also, there was a huge BANG when the ghosts appeared. Lastly, the stage props contributed a lot into me liking the play. There were huge buildings and detailed items. One house had two stories! But what amazed me most, was how easily the props moved. They were mechanically moved, and quickly. In conclusion, there are lots of great reasons why you should go see A Christmas Carol, inspired by Charles Dickens. I don't know how amazing acting, stellar lights and sound, and the stunning stage props can keep you from going to see this play!


Scrooge had to sacrifice his own time on Christmas Day by going to his nephew's house. He always likes time to himself, but he chose to spend it with family. One time, I chose to sacrifice my own money to buy my sister I Christmas present. I don't have a lot of my own money, but I chose to spend it for my sister.