World Geography Final Review

By: Rachel Scearce

Questions That Gave Me A Hard Time

Why was the UN created?

~ It was created to ensure that governments of countries would continue to amend in peace

Why is North America different than the rest of Africa both culturally and in the advancement of medical care?

~ They are separated by the Sahara Desert

Why has Israel's borders changed so much?

~ The disputes over land

What event had the greatest impact on the political, economic, and cultural elements of Mexico?

~ Exploration and Colonization by Spanish conquerers.

How did the United States acquire their Northern and Southern borders?

~ Some were man made while others were naturally created

How do immigrants add to a diverse culture in a country?

~ By combining traditions and creating new customs.

Questions centered around Africa

What important values are essential to African tribes?

~ Religion, beliefs and territory

Why is Nelson Mandela a hero to many South Africans?

~ He was imprisoned for what he and many other believed, helping put an end to apartheid.

What are some of the negative effects of European colonization in South America and Africa?

~ An unstable government and cultural divisions which led to wars and so on.

After Effect?

~ The economy was terrible and they both fought against colonized leaders for independence.

Why does Africa have relatively poor economies even though they have an abundance of natural resources?

~ They aren't educated enough, very unstable government.

Why is there an African influence on the food and customs in the Caribbean?

~ Because slaves were sent there

Because of foreign conquerors ad its physical features, how has Africa changed over the last century?

~ The Europeans and the Arabs pushed forced their religion onto them and so on.

Bonus: Where are the Ural mountains located?

Bonus: Where is the Scandinavian peninsula located?

Economic Activities


Raw materials


Processing & manufacturing




Information, CEO

Economic Systems

What kind of economic system allows total freedom?

~ Free enterprise

What kind of economic system is completely controlled by the government?

~ Communist

What kind of economic system provides most services but still permits private ownership?

~ Social