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Three-tiered approach to college ready writing

This approach to scholarly writing employs universal principles related to inquiry and critical thinking. Authors--speakers learning to write--contemplate key questions based on evidentiary observations. At level one, the author probes CONTENT, AUDIENCE and PURPOSE. At level two, the author considers how language is used: is it CONCISE, ACCURATE and PRECISE? At level three, the author revises to consider CAPITALIZATION, AUTHENTIC APPLICATIONS and PUNCTUATION--you know, the normal standards for high quality, authentic writing! Using voice, cadence and rhythms of a speaker's voice, writing emerges that is personally and culturally relevant while also being academic and adherent to scholarly conventions.

COMPASS: New Jersey GEAR UP Curriculum Development Initiative

CAP Writing is a tiered approach to writing that supports the COMPASS framework for teaching excellence in formal out-of-school contexts. CAP Writing is a product of the LANGUAGE LITERACY focus in our program. Techniques include transcribing personal speech, transcribing dialogue and variations on other’s work. Transcribing builds capacity in two ways: 1) by attending to the need for active listening strategies and 2) the need to develop efficient revising processes. Variations on other’s work provide a framework (patterns and models) for writers to follow, emulate, adopt and modify as they develop their own writing style. It also provides in many cases a source of inspiration for the reader and therefore the writer. This technique may be especially useful to novice writers or writers facing writer’s block. Please feel free to explore the CAP Writing webinar on youtube and incorporate into your own teaching or learning routines.

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