Oliver Cromwell

World History

CROMWELL 1599-1658

Oliver Cromwell was the child of a wealthy and influential family. He studied at Huntington grammar school. At Cambridge University he became a minor East Anglian landowner. People began to follow him because he said that God's will gave him all of his success when he started out with none. Cromwell said his motive was to spread religion for god but he often talked about England becoming great. He was very stern about drunkenness, immortality, and other sinful activities, because it went against his relgion, Puritan. He had nine children. The king Overtaxed his people and didn't have very fair trials. He later had the king executed for treason



-his navy and army were expansive and largely successful in foreign policy

-he headed a tolerant, inclusive, and largely civilian regime

-ruling an army gave him inhanced political power

-he was the tenants general in Parliament's largest and most effective regional army

-after the execution of King Charles I, Cromwell led a major military control in Ireland and Scotland

-he was appointed lord general (commander and chief if all the parliamentary forces)

-led the New Modle Army and defeated the royalists

-named Lord Protector in Parliament for about five years until he passed away