Hoot Hoot Hoot!

HELLO there!

Welcome to Origami Owl! I am so excited and honored that you have chosen to join me as a business partner on my team with Origami Owl. Your journey is about to begin!

I am here every step of the way to help you succeed in your Origami Owl Business!

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Our Awesome SuperStars TEAM!

This is your up-line to THE NEST:

  • Heidi Russell (Corporate Executive Senior Director), SuperStars team
  • Leslie Rhodes, Senior Director
  • Janice LeBrun Tarquin, Executive Team leader
  • Jill McCarthy (My Mentor, the Sparkling Hooters team)
  • Melissa Gale (That's ME!)

When you SHOW UP you MOVE UP!


You have training and support 24/7.
  • The Nest posts a training webinar monthly. It is recorded so you can watch it later if you need to.
  • The HOOT for Origami Owl: is sent to your email and posted in the O2 Lounge every month! Make sure to read it to stay in the loop with the Nest.
  • Heidi Russell Host's training conference calls every Thursday at 9:00pm (EST) 1(559)726-1200, Access code: 841255#
  • Jill McCarthy Host's video conferences every Tuesday at 7:45pm EST. They are recorded so you can listen to them later! She posts the link to it on our FB team page. on Tuesdays.
  • I host team training meetings and opportunity events the first Wednesday or Thursday of every month at 6:00pm EST at Panera Bread. You can still join us through video or free conferencing call.
Get social with us!
Send me a friend request so I can add you to our FB team pages.

There are several Facebook team pages that are private closed groups for Origami Owl Designers. They are helpful to find support, answer questions, get inspiration, share successes and struggles, etc...When you have new Designers that join your team, you can add them to our team pages.


These are a few of the resources that I use to learn the Direct Sales business. Much of what I do, I learned from these sources and from the training provided by our mentors and the Nest. They were recommended to me by Heidi Russell and Jill McCarthy. They use them also.

Mary Christensen

Sarah Rockin Robbins

Michelle Archer

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Getting Started

Here are somethings you want to do while you are waiting for your business kit.

#1 ***Tell everyone about your business with Origami Owl. The more you share, the bigger and faster your business will grow!

1. Identify your short term and long term goals. (Don't be afraid to Dream BIG!)

2. Identify your "why". Tell your story.

3. Make a work schedule. How many hours and when will you devote to your business each week doing income producing activities?

*** Income producing activities are: Sharing the business opportunity to build your team, inviting people to host a jewelry bar, searching for craft/vendor events, and following up with past customers)

4. Create your contact list.
When you write this list, include everyone. Not just the people who you think will host a Jewelry bar or join your team. Everyone is a connector to other people. Share your business with everyone you know and ask for referrals of people they know....this way, your contact list will always be growing and so will your business.

5. Pick a date for your launch event.
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LAUNCH Event!!!

Lets get this party started!
The purpose of a Launch Event is not for sales, but to share with everyone you know about your new business. It is just like doing a "Grand Opening" of a new store.
Invite people to come to the event for a celebration, to share the business opportunity, share the jewelry and schedule jewelry bars.

1. Write your "who do you know" list. Invite everyone. You want everyone to know what you are doing...even if they don't come to your party. (A.L.I.C.E form in the Back Office)

2. Decide on a date, time and place for your launch event.

3. Send your invitations. First, call people to invite them and then send a fun and festive flyer for the invitations. (I don't recommend the post cards). Include an incentive for people to bring a friend, perks of hosting a JB, info about the business opportunity, etc...

4. Before the event, remind your guests with an e-mail, PM on Facebook, text message, or a phone call. Encourage guests to bring a friend. If they bring someone new that is 12 or older, offer a prize.

5. Plan your presentation. Thank guests for coming. Share your "why" for joining Origami Owl. Share your excitement. Share the jewelry, the hostess rewards, and book those Jewelry bars! Allow time for guests to play with the jewelry and you time to talk to everyone.

6. Highlight dates on your calendar that you are able to do a Jewelry Bar for your customers.

7. Send me an invitation so I can help you get your party and business rocking!


  • 1. O2 Connection Monthly Newsletter
  • e-mail newsletter@origamiowl.com and register so that you can have access to your O2 Connection newsletter that will go out to all your customers. Once you have registered, be sure to enter all your contacts so they receive your newsletter.

  • 2. Business cards
  • Order your business cards at: https://flyersdirect.com/origamiowl/?p=select-template&id=1
  • Also, there are images that can be used to make your own business card in the Back Office under document library. They can be uploaded and edited with your contact information on Vistaprint and is more cost effective.

  • 3. Credit card processor
  • If you plan to accept credit cards for payments, register for Pay Anywhere at: http://www.payanywhere.com/origamiowl
  • PayPal and Square are also good credit card processors. (I personally use PayPal)

  • 4. E-mail signature
  • If you would like your emails to look super professional for your business, be sure to sign up for Esig at: http://www.myesig.com/?pc=1090

  • 5. Voice mail message on your phone.
  • Record something like this: Hello, you have reached (your name) Origami Owl Independent Designer at (your website address). I am so sorry I am unable to take your call, so please leave your name, phone number and a brief message and I will get back to you as soon as possible! Have an awesome day!
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