Tridigital Learning

Best way to have have old school and new school

What is tridigitial Learning?

Tridigitial Learning is combing how I grew up in school, with a little bit of today's technologies thrown in, and still a little bit of the future mixed it. Trididgitial learning is a great way for kids to have a better understanding of how they learn the best while being exposed to different avenues of studying and learning.

Classrooms of the future

As we become more advanced in technologies, our classrooms will as well. As teachers we need to stay on top of technologies in order to teach our students. They say this the is the technology generation and I agree I did not have half the things children do today. Technology will always be with us and if we hold out students back and do not teach them proper etiquette then we are int he wrong. Just like we need to teach students how to be a great citizen in the classroom but also on the internet. I really do not know what the classroom of the future will look like but I will embrace it with open arms.

Classroom of the future

Old School mixed with a little of your New

Sometimes we need to look int he past to learn from it. If I had to option to plick my classroom I would mix a little of past and present and continue to do that.

Old school would be to have a convertable desk for a laptop but still able to write with pencil and paper on worksheets or even to write a paper. Sometimes it is necessary to write note by hand because it sticks in the brain better for some people. Other say typing them is better then when you go back and reread them to ensure words a spelled right and proper puncuation they are studying hte material again.

New school would consiste of the laptop of access to the internet for researach, and for note taking. Some students might even need to have a digitial textbook due to a disability instead of a paper copy. Digitial Textbook are also great that need a parner to read but they do not want to feel embarassed.

Combining old school and new is they best combination for students of all age groups.