A Faraway Island

By: Annika Thor


Stephanie and Nellie are two young Jewish sisters growing up during World War II. The sisters leave their family and friends behind and go to Sweden to live with a foster family. The girls only speak German, but learn the new language fast. The sisters are suppose to go to the same family but when they arrive they are unable to stay together. Luckily the girls stay on the same island not too far from each other. Stephanie goes and lives with Aunt Märta and Uncle Evert and Nellie lives with Auntie Alma, Uncle Sigurd and their two children. The girls will stay with their foster families until there parents earn an entry visa to America.


I think the theme of the book is to never lose hope, because Stephanie and Nellie never lose hope when something goes wrong, they try to fix it. The girls never lost hope when they were waiting for there parents to come, they just kept moving forwards.

How the author used historical facts

In the story the author wrote a little part about the dad getting taken away to a labor camp because he was Jewish. The author also wrote about how when the little girls were in there home town they saw an old Jewish couple kneeling on the ground on the gravel and there were people surrounding them and no one went to help the couple.


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