Jarash Weekly

Sunday, January 25, 2010

Book of The Week: Code Orange

This week I read Code Orange by Caroline B. Cooney.

I give it 5 stars.

The book is about Mitty Blake a 16 year old boy who comes upon 100 year-old scabs. I don't think kids under the age of 8 should read Code Orange. It contains lots of violence and maturer themes such as peoples jaw getting broken, kidnapping, and bio-terrorism.

The book also exposes kids to a lot of death and diseases and in particular the anthrax scare of 2001. Some parents may think Code Orange is appropriate for their children, entirely based on the fact that it does not go into detail or focus on any certain topic too long.

All in all Code Orange is an excellent book, but not for younger children.

Picture Caption: Cover of book.

Crime: Warning Locals to be Cautious When Alone Especially at Night

Sae Young the owner of Speedy Quick Dry Cleaners was robbed and attacked. Sae Young ended up hospitalized with a broken cheekbone, and was found unconscious. This tragic event occurred Jan. 23 around 5 pm. There are no witnesses to date. Anyone with information concerning the robbery should contact their local police station.

As we reported with Sae Young's story, crime rate in this fair city are rising rapidly, many businesses and homes have been getting robbed lately. City officials are encouraging local residents to install new or better security systems.

Some people are stealing plants from peoples gardens hopefully unintentionally. The garden I'm referring to is growing in the vacant lot on Gibb St. This is a fair warning, all plants are not city owned, but privately owned property. Going on those plots of land that do not belongs to you will be considered trespassing.

Furthermore taking the plants growing here for yourself is considered robbery. A law suit can be filed against you and you will be tried in a court of law under charges of trespassing and robbery.

Cleveland may want to take extra safely precautions when alone anywhere, especially at night, and be careful where they happen to walk. Check back next week for your weekly news update.

Picture Caption: Police tape outside of Speedy Quick Dry Cleaners.