All About Me

By Madison Meyers

My Dream Job

My future dream job that I want is to be a tattoo artist. I think it would be really fun to talk and get to know people while i'm working. It would also be neat to get to see all of the design's you can get as a tattoo. It would also be cool to see the story behind why they got the tattoo whether it be for fun or for a special meaning.

My Favorite Movie

My most favorite movie is cast away starring Tom Hanks as Chuck Noland. This movie has always been my favorite ever since the first time I watched it. The movie is about Tom Hanks flying on a plane delivering fed ex packages for his job and it crashes and he is stranded all alone on a island. The movie is both sad and depressing at moments but is still my all time favorite.

Hobbies I enjoy

Hobbies I enjoy include swimming, writing, drawing, and rapping for fun. I like swimming because of the feeling that you are weightless. I like writing and drawing because you can let all of your emotions out onto the paper after a stressful day or maybe just do it for fun. I like rapping for fun because I think that it is fun to learn new lyrics and really get to know new songs. It is also fun to compete against someone to see who rap's faster or who can freestyle the best.

Favorite Place I Have Visited

My favorite place I have ever visited is Florida. While I was there I visited Disney world and that was really cool. I also went to universal studios which was pretty awesome to. I have been to Florida twice and both times were really fun. While I was there I rode roller coasters some were scary. I also went to the ocean and swam but dont taste the water because it is super gross. My family and I rented a house that was really big with a pool table and a pool. I recommend going there with family. It is very fun.

My favorite band

My all time favorite band is Queen. The reason Queen is my favorite band is because all of there songs are so deep and so full of meaning. My favorite song by queen is Bohemian Rhapsody. This is my favorite song out of any songs in the world. The singer Freddie Mercury died on November 24th 1991 of pneumonia.

My Best Friends

My best friends are Gabby Pollock and Kaylie Millard. They have always been there for me during rough times. Gabby pollock is actually my cousin and best friend. Kaylie is not related to me but we treat each other like we are. Us three have a lot of history together and nothing can ever come between us. Me and gabby have been friends ever since 5th grade. Me and kaylie have been friends ever since I moved to Grand Junction. I am very thankful that I have friends that are so caring.

My Favorite Foods

My favorite foods probably have to be potatoes and pizza. My favorite food out of those two has to be potatoes. I like pizza because it is good to come to home to after a hard day at school. I love potatoes because they taste so good! I like them diced and soaked in butter with lots of salt. That might sound unhealthy but I dont care because you only live once so why not enjoy your favorite foods.

My pet

I have one pet and his name is max. He is a mix of poodle and beagle. He is really cute. He is also really hipper. He always get really excited when I come home from school. He always runs around the house and rips my stuff apart but I still love him.

My daily schedule

My daily schedule is I go to school then I go to rec and stay there until my mom gets off of work at the hospital. After that she picks me up and then I usually go to my grandma's and spend time with her and that is always nice. After that I go home and do my homework

Things I like about school

I like some parts of school. I mostly dont like school but here are the parts that I do. I like lunch and study hall. I also like it because I get to hang out with my best friends. I like some classes like computers and math. But I mostly like it because I get to talk to people and that is always fun.