Central Africa

By: Keisha and Tyan

Countries and Cities

Countries: Angola, Cameroon, Chad, Equatorial Guinea, Pri`ncipe

Cities: Ouadda, Doum, Birao, Obo, Nola


Rain Forest

Flat land

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tropical with lots of rainfall throughout the year.
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natural resources

gold , diamonds , oil

3 economic activities

1. subsistence farming

2. agriculture

3. cash crops

5 physical features

ergs, sand dunes, desert, salt, gravel
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2 major tourist attractions

boali water falls

boganda museum


- central Africans

- rebel coalition

The central part of Africa was the most interesting to my partner and I. Mainly because of the tropical rain forest, and the animals. One thing that stuck out to us was the natural resources that could be produced (gold, diamonds, and oil).A tourist attraction that caught my eye was the museums. I'm aware that many people do think of Africa as low class country. It may be true but it also has many beautiful things like every other country.
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