Picture Editing

I learned how to use the basics of photoshop from watching videos and reading things online on how to do a specific effect or use a tool. Photoshop can do so many things to a picture; changing colors, blur things out, color pictures,clone things, add text, add people or things, etc..

Why i chose this topic

I love taking pictures, I do it all the time just for fun. I have a SLR camera and I really wanted to learn how to add cool effects or how to add people in/out of pictures.

Why is this important to study

You dont have to know how to use it, but it may help you in finding different kinds of jobs, making graphics or editing pictures for companies, creating their logos and stuff like that.

Learning process

I looked up basics of photoshop in Google and I found videos of people giving tutorials on how to use every single tool on the tool bar. I also messed around with it and tried what different things to do. I think I did a pretty good job learning by myself, I wouldnt have the patience if someone taught me.


Next steps

I plan on editing pictures at home, I know people that would want me to take pictures of their little kids at their birthday parties and stuff like that, I also go to my friends' football, baseball, basketball games and edit the pictures and share a link with them all the time.

Before and After