Introducing the Herb Series!

Our first class is coming up soon, Saturday 2/27 in Peetz!

Join us February 27th!

Our first three-hour class of the two-class series will be offered the last Saturday of February at Peetz Community Center. We will be exploring several herbs and their properties, including nutritional and healing uses. Take control of your wellness and join us!
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Classes must be paid for in advance by clicking here

Herbs: Nutritional & Healing Uses (First Class of the Series)

Saturday, Feb. 27th, 9:30am-12:30pm

526 Main Street

Peetz, CO

This class is our first in a series of two focused on herbs. You are not required to attend both, just join what you are interested in! We will introduce several herbs and discuss practical uses for wellness and healing. Be sure to reserve your seat!

INSTRUCTOR: Morris Hartman of Peetz, Colorado

LOCATION: We will be in the large meeting room at Peetz Community Center located in downtown Peetz, Colorado.

2/27: Class 1: Herbs: Nutritional and Healing Uses
4/2: Class 2: Growing Your Own Herbs & Make Your Own Herb Tinctures, Teas and Salves

This class, led by Morris Hartman (Reflexologist and Natural Wellness Expert) will focus on herbs and their nutritional and healing uses. It will give practical applications for how to use herbs in everyday ways for improved wellness and as an alternative to medicine. In a later classes, we will discuss how to grow your own herbs and make your own teas, salves and tinctures, etc. These classes are founded in Christian values.

We will have light snacks provided by Sonny's in Sidney, NE but will not be serving lunch.

COST: $30 per class, You must pay in advance, please PAY HERE to reserve your seat. Again, you are not required to attend both classes, just choose which class(es) you have interest in. If you choose to attend both and pay for them in advance, you will receive a free binder for class materials.

We look forward to helping you expand your knowledge in natural wellness!

Please share this event with others who may have interest! It is rare to have an opportunity to learn about herbs and natural wellness so close to home!

Contact Kari with questions via Facebook or text, 970-414-0100

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