By Dean Koontz


From a top secret government laboratory comes two genetically altered life forms. One is a magnificent dog of astonishing intelligence. The other, a monster of brutally violent nature and both are on the loose. Watchers is an unbelievably thrilling books. The suspense holds until the end and will have you gnashing your teeth and wiping away your tears as you learn more and more about your characters and their stories. It's a fable of love and trust between characters as we can see how willing they are to watch over one another and would risk their own lives to do so. During early stages of the book, readers learn about 3 different people, each having different stories, but as we continue reading we can see how it all unfolds into one spine-tingling story. This sensational book will have you glued to your chair because this author makes you genuinely care about the characters. This book brings up a number of practical and moral dilemmas that make the reader reflect on his own world just because it's relatable.

  • Title: Watchers
  • Author: Dean Koontz
  • Genre: Fiction, Horror, and Suspense
  • Language: English
  • Context: 1988, Pennsylvania
  • Date of first Publication: February 1987
  • Setting: The setting takes place in California, near the Santa Ana Mountains. Usually in the woods or by the house of Travis and Nora.
  • Major Themes: Love and Friendship


Travis, Einstein, and Nora

Travis Cornell is a 36 year old who is very decisive and a self motivated person. He had been in the U.S Special Forces for eight years and after finishing all of his military services he had retired. Ever since he had retired he didn't associate with many people and did not make many friends, at times he did not care about life any more, until one day he ran into a dog that turned his whole life around. Once Travis met this dog he started to make a new friendship with him, and Travis felt there was something to live for now that he had met the dog. Travis named the dog Einstein because he was very intelligent and had a special ability to understand what people felt and said. Travis tells how Einstein is a very special dog and that he is very lucky to have met him. After six months of knowing Einstein they have created a great connection they have helped each other out through tough times but have managed to get through it.

Einstein is a highly intelligent dog that can understand what humans are saying and understand the way they feel. Einstein had once escaped a science lab where they had been testing on him, and when he is trying to get away from them he then comes across Travis where he gets help from him. Einstein feels a special connection towards Travis, he feels that he can trust him and have a good friendship. Einstein has also helped out Travis by getting him with a special lady named Nora. Einstein has also saved Nora’s life, he had attacked a guy who had been harassing her and without Einsteins help both Nora and Travis would not have met. In all Einstein is a very intelligent dog, but he is not the only thing out there that can think like him, there is something much bigger and dangerous out there that is trying to eliminate him.

Nora Devon is 30 year old women, she has a big passion for art and is quiet and lonely women. Throughout the book she seems to have a low self esteem, she does associate with people that much and has always lived in a old house where she had created a lot of memories. At one point a man was harassing her and she didn’t know what to do until Travis came in, he had protected her from that man and Nora felt that she could trust Travis. As she started to spend time with Travis and Einstein she felt that she could tell him anything, and throughout the story she started to have feelings towards Travis and also have a good friendship with Einstein. As it the story went on they have always spent time with each other and has helped each other out by protecting Einstein from a dangerous

Theme Analysis

Love has a huge impact on the book. Travis and Nora both fell in love. They started to even live together and Nora even got pregnant. Whenever Nora took a bit long getting home Travis started to worry, that's how much he loved her. Travis would give his life to save Nora's as he showed it through the book. Travis took procedures to protect their home because he didn't want anything to happen to Nora. That's pure love. It makes the reader realize what love can do to someone. How it can impact someone so much that they would risk their own life to save the person they love, that special someone.

Friendship impacts the book in many ways. Travis started to treat Einstein like his friend, and so did Nora after Einstein saved her. They cared so much for Einstein because he is like a friend to them. Like they say, "A dog is man's best friend." Lem and Walt are also best friends and through out the book they make this theme pop out. Even though Lem would lie to Walt but that's because of his work, he couldn't tell anyone. It impacts the reader by showing them how a friend should act. How a friend should care for and help out their friends. It shows people true friendship.