January 2018


If you or you know someone who might want to volunteer at McKinley, please have the person contact Jackie Mason, volunteer coordinator at

You may also complete a volunteer form (click on link below).

McKinley Middle School and PTA Volunteer Opportunities

Note: Volunteers are not needed for Iowa Assessments

**All volunteers must have a yellow volunteer disclosure statement card on file with the District. A volunteer only needs to complete the card once. Volunteers should sign in and out at the attendance center and pick up a volunteer badge.

To read the District education volunteer handbook CLICK HERE. A hard copy is also available in the attendance center.


Volunteer opportunities can be found on the website (from the drop down menu, select Our School/Volunteer) and in the weekly E-Newsletter. Or, contact Jackie Mason, volunteer coordinator, at


Upcoming opportunities:

*Conference Dinner for Teachers/Staff (February)

*Variety Show (March)



On behalf of the McKinley PTA, we are seeking your support in providing healthy snacks for the Behavior-Focused classes at McKinley. Many of the students in this program come to school hungry, which makes learning academics a struggle. In the classroom the teachers try to provide apples and peanut butter so they can have something healthy to eat to give them the opportunity to focus on their academics.

We are looking for donations of 20 apples per week to be dropped off in the office at the beginning of each week. CLICK HERE to sign up. Thank you for your support.


We are looking for volunteers to run the Bear Paw Store on Tuesday's and Thursday's after school from 2:55 (time bear paw store opens) to 3:15 pm. For those not familiar with bear paws - Students earn bear paws for exemplifying the BEAR way (Be engaged, Empathetic, Accountable, Respectful). They can use bear paws for various incentives including pizza parties on Friday's as well as purchasing items at the Bear Paw Store. If you have any questions, please e-mail Jackie at Thank you for your support!

Time: Volunteer should arrive around 2:30 to unlock store and set up (very little); sign in at the attendance office, stop at the main office and ask Mrs. Pei/Mrs. Harken to open the bear paw store. The bear paw store is located across from the vocal room/band room on first floor. . CLICK HERE to sign up.

Volunteers to Help 7th Grade Teachers

7th grade teachers are looking for volunteers to help with the following:
  1. Someone to type in and upload vocabulary to the Quizlet website.
  2. People to take on planning activities and prizes for an Olympic Competition between 7th Grade EL Classes.
  3. Someone to create a poster for our "Road to Success".
  4. Someone/or partners interested in helping plan periodic student recognition assemblies.

Please e-mail Jackie Mason at if you are interested.


Mrs. Clendineng is looking for assistance in her classroom. The volunteer will help students follow directions that are online. No engineering tech experience necessary. Flexible with days/times.

Please e-mail Jackie Mason at if you are interested.

Drop Off Lane Volunteers

Our morning Drop-Off Lane volunteers assist the McKinley staff in welcoming students to our school as they arrive in the morning. You can volunteer as frequently as you’d like. Our schedule is flexible, and the PTA is glad to have your help whenever you have a half hour to spare in the morning! You don’t have to be an active member of the PTA to volunteer in the Drop-Off lane; we welcome parents, step-parents, and grandparents as volunteers! Just be sure you have a yellow volunteer card on file in the office. If you don't have a card on file the volunteer coordinator may contact you and ask you to fill one out.

· Please arrive at 7:25 am and park your car in the north lot. This volunteer shift is from 7:30 am until 8:00 am. You are welcome to stay later to greet children who are running late and direct them to the attendance office.

· Enter the school through the northwest door and pick up your lanyard at the attendance office.

The primary goal of the McKinley Drop-Off Lane volunteers is to welcome students to McKinley with a smile and a warm greeting as they arrive in the morning.

· If you observe conflict or potential conflict among students, please make a staff member aware right away. As volunteers, it is up to us to help McKinley students feel safe as they wait for the school day to begin.

· If you see that a child needs help with their bag, Trapper, or musical instrument as they exit a vehicle, it’s OK to offer them a hand!

If temperatures are above 20 degrees Fahrenheit, you’ll be greeting children as they exit their vehicles outside. When temperatures drop below 20 degrees Fahrenheit, you’ll stand by the door and open it for students as they enter the building.

CLICK HERE to sign up