John W. B.

By Larry Forney, Makayla Costley, Farruh Nabiev

"John Wilkes Booth awoke depressed..........His cause was lost and his dreams of glory over." Page 9

This quote revels the character trait depression directly.

"Including small photographs of his five favorite girlfriends" Page 20

This quote reveals that he is obnoxious and disrespectful, it is indirect and it is also an action.

"Booth knew the layout of Ford's intimately: the exact spot on Tenth street where lincoln would step out of his carriage....." Page 11

This quote reveals that he is a psycho and it is indirect and this is a thought the JWB had.

Our predication with booth is that he is risky person. It is likely that he will do something that will lead the cops to him, that will get him arrested. Another thing that can happen is that he can commit suicide later on his life realizing that he did a despicable thing. Also he could get murdered. He could also be sentenced to the death penalty. Also he could get his head chopped off.

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