Harrison Happenings

November 17-21

This Week in Room 300...

We have one more full week before Thanksgiving break! This week we will continue studying letter sounds with letters L and M. We will also be practicing composing and decomposing numbers which is when we talk about different ways to make a number (i.e. 2 and 2 make 4). Leading up to Thanksgiving, we will be comparing and contrasting past and present families. We will read a lot of Thanksgiving books and learn about the first ever Thanksgiving meal!


This nine weeks, your child will be assessed on writing a narrative for their report card. This means that they will have to write 3-4 sentences INDEPENDENTLY telling about a single subject. As we have begun practicing writing, I have noticed that this class has very timid writers. :) I want all of them to be successful on their report card, so I need your help at home!

Please try to have your child write in a notebook or on a lined paper, a couple of times a week. Sometimes, writing at home can be less intimidating for them! They know how to write sentences, but are often afraid of spelling words incorrectly. I encourage them to sound out their words, so if they are spelling incorrectly, it is OK!

Here are the things we are working on:

-capital letter at beginning of sentence and lowercase letters for the rest

-periods at end of sentences

-spaces in between words

-stay on topic

-picture needs to match your writing (i.e. if they write about their family, no pictures of dinosaurs :) )

-handwriting in the lines!

Please work on these skills at home. It is important that they can write multiple sentences before moving on to first grade!


  • Tony's Pizza Night is TONIGHT (Monday) from 5-8. Go enjoy some pizza and subs and have 10% go to Spearman!
  • Next week we will only have school on Monday and Tuesday. We are off Wed, Thurs, and Friday for Thanksgiving break!
  • Please turn in November snack money if you have not already
  • We have lots of sicknesses going around now that winter is around the corner, and we want to keep them contained as much as possible. Please remember that your child must stay home fever-free for 24 hours before returning to school.
  • It is getting chilly! Please send a jacket with your child's name in it everyday!