Information Session

Prudential Financial

"You, the Product"

Regardless of the product you purchase, its likely you take for granted preferences that play a role in that purchasing decision. Additionally, the successful sale of any product encompasses a number of attributes such as:

Customer Service
Research and Development
Product Life

By reviewing what successful companies do, this presentation takes those concepts and creates a variety of tangible approaches you can apply to your career - which will help make you a more attractive "product" to the hiring manager

George Pace, Systems Architect at Prudential Financial

George Pace has over 32 years of IT experience spanning a wide range of disciplines and diverse technologies. While he keeps pace with IT technology, he also has a particular interest in Social Networking (and the value it potentially provides to both organizations and individuals), Cloud Computing and Big Data

You can contact George at, or his website at . More importantly you can follow him on Twitter @keepace.

Come join us,

When: Wednesday, March 12th

Where: GITC 3710