5th Grade Newsletter

Habit #4 - Think Win Win

Mrs. Cook - Language Arts & Social Studies

This week we are continuing the novel "Blood on the River" (which is also on the Battle of the Books list!). We will be focusing on vocabulary, summarizing, and the theme of the book. We are also reading and learning about interactions between explorers and Native Americans in our novel as well as our Social Studies Weekly text.

Ms. Price - Math

Students will be reading and writing decimals to the thousandths place using base 10 numerals, number names, and expanded form. They will also use their understanding of place value to compare two decimals to the thousandths place and be able to show comparisons between decimals using the >, <, and = symbols.

Remember that Accelerated Math is homework EACH NIGHT. You must submit something EVERY MORNING.

Mrs. Young - Science

Science: We continue to learn all about forces and motion. This week our focus is on describing motion and begin learning about friction. The classes are going outside to run the 40 yard dash and calculating speed. Math is incorporated by rounding their time and speed to the nearest tenth and then creating bar graphs.


  • Don't forget: Payment is due by September 30th
  • Medicines and Forms are due back to the school nurse by October 2nd.
  • Medicine must be in original container (you don't have to send entire amount though, just enough for trip if you'd prefer)
  • The doctor's order forms must be filled out for EACH prescription AND over the counter medicines as well.

Info for Parents & Students

  • Please be sure to sign your child's planner each night in PEN with your FULL name (no initials). Students need to be proactive by bringing their planner to you with all of their homework listed.
  • Each Friday there will be a conduct grade written into your child's planner. This conduct grade takes into consideration behavior, talking, work ethic (classwork & homework), and how well the 7 Habits have been followed each week.

Progress Reports

Tuesday, Sep. 22nd, 2:30pm

Curriculum Night

Thursday, Sep. 24th, 6pm

Blackburn Elementary School, Newton, NC, United States

Newton, NC

No School - Teacher Workday

Friday, Oct. 2nd, 7:30am

Blackburn Elementary School, Newton, NC, United States

Newton, NC

Sign Up Genius for a Parent/Teacher Conference on this day:

Elementary Night @ Foard Football Game

Friday, Oct. 2nd, 7:30pm

3407 Plateau Road

Newton, NC

Haw River Field Trip

Wednesday, Oct. 7th, 7am to Friday, Oct. 9th, 3pm

339 Conference Center Drive

Browns Summit, NC

If your child is not attending the field trip, their attendance to school is still a requirement.

PDQ Spirit Night

Tuesday, Oct. 13th, 5-9pm

2060 U.S. 70

Hickory, NC

Blackburn Blast

Friday, Oct. 23rd, 5pm

Blackburn Elementary School, Newton, NC, United States

Newton, NC