Hungry Kids

Students Should Eat in class By: Sidney Smith

My Reasons

  1. How long is too long with no food?
  2. After school activities.
  3. Your learning potential.

How Long Is Too Long With No Food?

How long can you go with no food? From research up to 5 hours is too long with no food. Their are some really late lunches as late as 1:45 and that is too long from 6:00 in the morning to 1:45 in the afternoon. Students need food to keep their day the way that they want, so that they can learn and not be thinkiing about how hungry they are.

Other Activities

Students should eat during class because they get energy for their activities. Some athletes have not been doing their best because they do not have food in their system. Their are after school activities and if you are thinking about how hungry you are than you would not do as well as you would if you were not hungry.

Learning Potential

Your learning potential is the way that you learn. If you eat lots of healthy food than you can enjoy your learning potential. nutrition is in your healthy food and did you know that nutrition contribute your learning to the teacher and the subject you should be focusing on.