The Industrial Revolution

Learn about the Industrial Revolution!

What was the Industrial Revolution?

The Industrial Revolution was the period of time where machines took the place of man. People during the Industrial Revolution where trying to make new things to take harder jobs in factories and jobs. Because of all of the oil and coal uses the air was being polluted and there was more minerals being used up. Water was also being polluted with sewage water. People left their farm jobs and urban lifestyles to get jobs at factories and try to live the rural lifestyle.

Important inventors

Three major inventors of the Industrial Revolution are Thomas Edison, Eli Whitney, and Alexander Graham Bell. Tomas Edison was the man who invented the light bulb in October 21, 1879 and the light bulb was a major impact on the society in our world, for instance, it cost less that a candle that needed oil to be lit. Eli Whitney invented the cotton gin on October 28, 1794 which was used for taking seeds out of raw cotton and this made the process of making clothes faster than with one man doing it. Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone on March 10, 1876 and was used for communicating from large distances.

Child Labor

Once the assembly line was made in the 1900s families started making kids go to work at factories because they needed money for food and shelter. Working on the assembly line was dirty, dangerous, harmful, and deadly for all the the little kids. Kids the ages as low as 3 could work in a assembly line, got low wages, and got punished if they did something wrong. My opinion for child labor is that it is cruel and dangerous for all kids. On October 25, 2007 congress decided to end child labor and today it is illegal to force children to work at a factory.
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The Assembly Line

The assembly line was a way to mass produce products from different companies. Henry Ford was the man who mass produced the assembly line possible with his brain and his dream. The way the assembly line worked is that everyone had a part; if you were making a car one person would make the tires, one person would make the wheel, and so on. the assembly line was the thing that started child labor but the assembly line is still used to produced many products.
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