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Bensalem Township School District Social Workers

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Dear Parents and Caregivers

During this time of uncertainty and school closures, we recognize that this is a difficult time for many in our Bensalem community. Supporting students and their families is our priority and wanted to provide some information on how we can be of assistance during this time.

In this issue, we are focusing on Self-Care and accessing services for your physical and mental well being.

In addition, If you need any additional support and/or resources, please do not hesitate to reach out to us! We are in this together!

Bensalem Township School District Social Workers - Here to Support You and Your Family!

Jelena DaCosta, MSW, LSW

Belmont Hills Elementary

Cornwells Elementary

Samuel K. Faust Elementary

Robert K. Shafer Middle School

Bensalem High School

Jacqui Owens, MSW, LSW

Benjamin Rush Elemenary

Russell C. Struble Elementary

Valley Elementary

Cecelia Snyder Middle School

Bensalem High School

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It is Time for Self Care!

As we are experiencing so many demands placed on our time and energy, it is important to care for ourselves. Doing our best to get enough sleep, eating well-balanced diet, staying hydrated, and getting some physical activity into every day is a foundation of self care. Here are some suggestions for wellness activities that could fit into our busy schedules.

If you have 10 minutes - try Progressive Muscle Relaxation. This technique involves tensing and relaxing various muscles in the body, gradually aiding in slowing our breath and heart rate. There are many helpful videos on YouTube, and practicing this activity regularly improves its effectiveness.

If you have 5 minutes - try practicing "Hand" breathing. Hold out your hand, and breathe in deeply as you trace up your thumb, and breathe out as you trace down your thumb. Repeat with every finger, then go around the hand couple of times. Bonus - add aromatherapy by massaging essential oil or scented lotion into your hands as you are breathing.

If you have 1 minute - try putting a cool compress on your eyes and laying with your back flat and your legs up the wall.

Dr. Katherine Dahlsgaard has a great video on her Facebook page that talks about accepting ourselves as parents and caregivers during this time, and giving ourselves grace.


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Health Insurance

If your access to health insurance for you or your children has changed, you can apply for coverage despite the closure of the County Assistance offices. If you need assistance with the process, or have questions, please contact your school social worker. You can also call ChildHealthLine at 215-563-5848 ext 17.

Mental Health Support

If you find yourself or someone you love feeling worried, stressed, or upset, there are free, confidential phone lines available.

Mental Health Warmline 855-284-2494

Bucks County Covid-19 Behavioral Health Helpline 215-399-5681

A reminder - if you are looking to apply for benefits (food stamps, health insurance, cash assistance), please go to https://www.compass.state.pa.us/compass.web/Public/CMPHome