VUVOX: Presentations That Flow

Brenham ISD Technology eCourse

How To Make a Vuvox Collage

Vuvox Screencast

Practice Making a Collage

Now, we will sign into one of my vuvox accounts and practice making a collage.

1. Go to

2. Click "Sign In" on the upper right - username: strauss1 password: cubs

3. Click "Create" tab on top, "Collage" Yellow button on bottom and "Create new Collage" on the right.

4. I have already loaded images, music, and a video - to see the media, scroll to the bottom of the page. In "MY MEDIA," click the drop down box and choose "Show My" "Little Red Riding Hood."

5. Follow the directions in the video above to create a Vuvox using the Little Red Riding Hood Media.

Vuvox Examples in the Classroom

Your Turn!

  • Create a VUVOX account
  • Upload media - photos, video, music - related to a unit your class will study this semester.
  • Make a Vuvox Collage to introduce a new unit to your students
  • Publish the Collage and share the link on the assessment page for this eCourse.
  • Return to Eduphoria, complete the assessment, and request credit.

Good Luck!