Pennies for Patients

Clay Middle School supports leukemia and lymphoma research

Students, staff support Pennies for Patient campaign annual Big Game

By Carson Buck

The stands were packed. On the left, the Pep Band played "We Will Rock You" as the eighth grade boys basketball team warmed up against their rivals for the day: the staff.

On Feb. 8, Clay students got the chance to see the teachers don shorts and t-shirts instead of dress clothes to battle the eighth grade boys’ basketball team on the court.

Students paid $1 for tickets and all the money went to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society -- a part of the annual Pennies for Patients campaign.

This game was open to all Clay students to come and cheer on the players and the teachers.

“The eighth graders won, but the teachers were better than we expected,” said Mike Pitz, eighth grade.

“It was very close and entertaining,” said Caleb Kaopuiki, seventh grade.

Mr. Patane, seventh grade social studies teacher, was one of the teachers that participated.

“I had zero points, but would have had two if Cameron Dixon wouldn’t have blocked my shot into the hallway,” Mr. Patane.

The stands were packed with students who were excited to see their teachers playing in the game.

“I thought it was fun to play some of our former teachers on the court,” said Pitz.

Some of the teachers that played were Mr. Patane, Mr. Cole, Mr. Carter, Mr. Corcoran, Mr. Ramsey, Mr. Sturgis, and Mr. Buckman.

“It was interesting to see the eighth graders win because I thought the teachers were going to win,” said Sammy Jordan, seventh grade.

To unify the teachers, they wore their red t-shirts that said “Find Your Greatness” on the backs, while the eighth graders wore their basketball uniforms – some with a few embellishments.

“I didn’t wear anything outrageous, but George (Cottrell) and other students wore swim caps, bandanas, armbands, leg bands, yoga pants, tights, high socks, and face paint,” said Pitz.

It was the eighth graders last game on the Clay court, which was why they dressed up in funny outfits.

The Big Game was fun as the eighth graders pulled out their final win as Clay Trojans.

Not just math classes competed in this year’s Pennies for Patients campaign

By Jessica Mo

Mrs. Pote stood before her first period band class, holding the Pennies for Patients donations box out in front of her. She shook the box and counted the money inside. “That’s about...sixty cents,” she said. “We can do better than that!”

The next day, there hadn’t been much improvement. “Mrs. Allen’s class has 47 dollars!” said Mrs. Pote. “And we have....” She shook the box again. “Who thinks they can bring five dollars tomorrow?”

Many students in the class raised their hands.

This year, all first-period classes are competing against each other to see who can raise the most money for the Pennies for Patients cause. The class that comes in first gets a pizza party.

Donations for Pennies for Patients goes to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, dedicated to helping kids with blood cancer.

Students from the SRA are helping the cause.

“We sold lollipops and Airheads, and we also sold the cookies that kicked off the week for Pennies for Patients,” said Sophia Tragesser, a seventh grader in SRA. Students were allowed to bring their lollipops to eat in class.

The SRA students also sold raffle tickets for an assortment of prizes, including a pair of Beats headphones, sweatshirts, and coupons.

Students could pay one dollar to listen to their iPod at lunch.

On Friday, February 8, the eighth grade basketball team faced off against the teachers. Many students came to watch. Clay’s Pep Band also played at the event.

Friday, February 15th was Superhero Day. Students paid their first period teacher one dollar to dress up as a superhero.

All of this was done in order to support the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s cause. “Our goal is for everyone to participate, and raise as much as we can,” said Sophia.

“Any amount of money is fine,” said Mrs. Bellamy, from the guidance department. “All we want is to give them something.”

“I think it’s important and definitely worth it because they are going through tough times,” said Sophia. “I enjoy it because I like to help out Pennies for Patients. It’s really not that hard. I think it’s a nice thing to contribute.”

Annual sucker sales also helps raise money for Leukemia, Lymphoma Society

By Cassidy Lindley

Lines filled up as the sucker sales started. The kids decided which flavor they wanted from the eight different choices.

The annual heart sucker sale took place during the week of Feb. 4 during lunches, said Mrs. Hankley, guidance counselor.

Clay sells heart suckers each year to raise money for the Pennies for Patients, which is a fundraiser to raise money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma society.

Every year the SRA students and the KARE student sell suckers in the cafeteria. But this year the organizers of this fundraiser also decided to sell Airheads. The suckers were $1 each and the Airheads were two for $1.

Last year they had great success with the sucker sales and raised $2,880 dollars.

There were eight flavors to choose from: raspberry lemonade, black cherry, strawberries and cream, watermelon, root beer, tangerine, mountain berry, and strawberry kiwi.

“My favorite flavor is raspberry lemonade,” said Emma Moulton, seventh grade.

“I think the suckers are always popular because they are only once a year. They are also very good and benefit a good cause,” said Moulton.

Clay has been doing this fundraiser since 2007 and it’s been a big hit since.

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