Tongue Teasers


Can people tell the difference between the different color bell peppers and how they taste?
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I do not think we can detect the different bell pepper and their taste because we will be blind folded.


Key words: tongue, taste buds, and pepper


  1. Why are bell peppers different color?
  2. What do taste buds do?
  3. What holds the tongue in place?



  • Worlds Healthiest Foods-The George Mateljan not for profit foundation
  • Medical publication web site
  • Web site created by Nemours, a children's health care system and one of the largest nonprofit organizations for children's health


  1. Taste buds are nerves on the tongue.
  2. Tongue is a muscle.
  3. In the back of the mouth that the tongue is connected to the hyoid bone.
  4. The reason why peppers are different color is because they are harvested at different times.
  5. 1 cup of red bell peppers have 157% of the recommended amount of vitamin c.
  6. Peppers are spicy because of capsaicin and bell peppers don't have a lot of it.


Blindfold, bell peppers, volunteers, pencil, and recording sheet.

Independent variable

Color of peppers.

Dependent Variable

If the volunteers can detect the different color bell pepper.

Controlled variables

The amount of peppers and the blindfold.


  1. Get materials
  2. Put blindfold on volunteer
  3. Put red pepper in left hand of volunteer
  4. Repeat step 4 but put yellow in right
  5. Tell volunteer to take one or two bites of each
  6. Then tell them to guess which is which[don't tell them what to choose from]
  7. Then tell them to take the blindfold off and record if they got it right or not
  8. Repeat all steps with each volunteer
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Volunteer 1 got both right.

Volunteer 2 got 1 right.

Volunteer 3 got 1 right.

Volunteer 4 got both right.

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Volunteers 1 and 4 are adults.

Volunteers 2 and 3 are kids.

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I think adults eat more peppers than kids so they know the taste of the different color peppers.


My hypothesis was not supported because volunteers 1 and 4 got it right. Volunteers 2 and 3 got 50% right.