The Future and The Benefits

About Nanotechnology ...

  • Nanotechnology is the manipulation of matter on an atomic and molecular level.
  • Nanotechnology deals with matter at least one dimension sized from 1-100 nanometers.
  • Nanotechnology has a very broad field of sciences, including surface science, organic chemistry, molecular biology, etc,.

Nanotechnology and Medicine

Nanotechnology Documentary - Revolutionizing medicine and healthcare

Nanotechnology and It's Uses Today

Nanotechnology has been under extensive research for a long time. Scientists around the world have been studying and researching nanotechnology to try and unlock it's full potential. Now, scientists are beginning to understand how nanotechnology, in many expected and unexpected ways is changing our lives for the better.

  • Nanoscale additives in polymer composite materials for baseball bats, tennis rackets, motorcycles helmets, etc. help make these products more reliable, durable, resilient, and lightweight.
  • Nanoscale technology helps makes products such as sun glasses less UV and IV light sensitive, and can make things such as phones water repellent.
  • Nanoscale technology are making your computers more compact and powerful everyday.
  • Nano-bioengineering of enzymes is aiming to make fuel more accessible and plentiful through conversion of cellulose into fuel, from wood chips, corn stalk, etc.
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Pros and Cons of Nanotechnology


  1. Nanotechnology will enable humanity to create almost science-fiction type of advancements, like microscopic computer chips to tiny drones able to cure cancer.
  2. Nanotechnology will lead to a further use for recycling that will clean up landfills.
  3. Nanotechnology can cure diseases internally, and slow down the aging process.

1. Unemployment will increase at a very high rate as nanotechnology becomes more and more a part of our lives.

2. Tiny robots made through nanotechnology can be used as very dangerous weapons by terrorists.

3. As easily as they can cure disease, nacrorobots can inadvertently cause disease by inhaling nanoparticles.

The Future of Nanotechnology

Nanotechnology is only just becoming known around the world as something that could change our lives forever. Nanotechnology is on the brink of huge strides in the medical field and in our lives in general. From disease otherwise known as incurable, becoming curable, to crazy futuristic gadgets that we had only seen in science-fiction movies. The possibilities are endless when it comes to the future of nanotechnology. Here are some of the possible future outcomes of further research into nanotechnology.

  • Nano security cameras for protection against intruders
  • Ability to cure cancer and other now "incurable diseases"
  • Alter your physical appearance, such as being able to grow muscle instantly, become skinny/fat, etc,.
  • Ability to change the nutrients in your food, like making it healthier.
  • No longer being sick, hurt, or even extending your life span.

Michio Kaku (2015) "The Future of Nanotechnology"

Final thoughts ... Medical Aspect of Nanotechnology

In short, nanotechnology is becoming more and more relevant in the science community and in our lives. As further research is done, more and more ways of nanotechnology is being applied around the world for various uses. One of the most interesting and what could be a huge breakthrough in human history is nanotechnologies potential to cure not just cancer, but all illnesses and pain. This is interesting because not only could we cure any disease people might come up with, we could remove pain from everyones life. From a hurt back to a head ache, we could live pain free lives which would improve life span and overall quality of life for everyone.