Containment of Communism

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The Great Leap Forward

Mao Zedong was controlling china , so he wanted china to be a powerful country. So by doing that he thought he could get his farmers to work in factories to make steel. But he thought wrong because people started to stave and died . That's when people started to question his leadership..

Cultural Revolution

Mao started to change china through communism so he could change the culture of china. He didn't want people to focus on their past traditions. He only wanted people to celebrate the communist government .

The long march

Nationalists party leader Chiang Kai Shek forced Mao Zedongs army of 100,000 troops out of southern china. So then Maos troops had to March 6,000 miles west and north so they could escape . During the march he lost many men but he was able to get the support of many peasant farmers that he met in china .

Korean War

General Chai Ung Chai communist divisions from North Korea invaded South Korea over six routes . In less than a week , North Korea and Seoul fell to North Korean forces . Then United Nations and United States sided with South Korea. U.S forces got control of Seoul. That's when war started to happen .

Vietnam War

Vietnam was separated by a demilitarized zone similar to Korea . North Vietnam was supported by the Soviet Union and China. South Vietnam was supported by the United States and it's allies.