September Raptor Review

Schaller-Crestland Elementary Family Communication Letter

Monthly Newsletter

Welcome to the first monthly newsletter for Schaller-Crestland Elementary. This is an online news letter, which serves as a great way for me to share what is going on in our school and great way to keep everyone informed! This will be sent each month around the 1st of the month. Also, if I have any updates, I will update them here and resend and also update it on our Facebook page.

Message from Mr. Brand

I am very excited to serve as the new principal of Schaller Crestland Elementary. I believe it is essential that we, as educators, form a partnership with families to work as a team to support each child’s abilities and needs to promote success in all areas. I believe all students can learn and grow. I look forward to continuing to learn about this school and the community. I value my staff here and all of the hard work they have put in previously to this school year and leading up to this school year. I will communicate with you as a whole on a monthly basis and on an individual basis as needed. I realize this will be a very different year, but I truly believe it has the potential to be the best year yet, in regards to supporting student’s needs, enhancing our instruction with new tools, and consistently working together as a team to reach a common goal: All students will grow and succeed.If you have any questions, please feel free to call, email, etc. I am always open to having a conversation with you! Thank you for all that you do as a parent and I look forward to working with you as we begin our 2020-2021 School year.

The Start of the School Year

We have had a fantastic start to the school year! We celebrated the start of the school year on August 19th. We started our day with raising the flag, which was presented by our local VFW Hub 2 Squad. We also had an all school assembly in the gym where we watched an excellent skit put on by all staff. Students were also welcomed with a back to school video and some lessons about Choosing Kind each and every day.

We were in school half days on the 19th-21st and each day we practice routines and expectations and became acclimated with our new procedures. We also had lunch outside on the playground and were able to spent some extra time playing at the school and at the park.

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Last Week...the first full week of school!

Last week we had our 1st full week of school and it went very well! We began Day 1 on Monday and began visiting specials teachers, such as PE, guidance, music, and library. We spent time learning new routines and we were also able to get used to the normal lunch routine in the lunchroom instead of outside. We had recess as scheduled and we enjoyed being back on a normal school routine and schedule.

Wednesday Late Start Days

Every Wednesday we will have a 1 hour late start. This is to provide a professional development and collaboration time for teachers. School will start at 9:15 these days, and students can come as early as 8:45 for breakfast.

There will NOT be 3 year old preschool on Wednesdays. There also will not be 4 year old preschools on the 1st Wednesday of each month.

There will not be 4 Year Old Preschool on Wednesday, September 2nd.


It is important that students wear masks when they are not able to social distance (6 feet apart or more) or they are together for more than 15 minutes. This guidance comes from Sac County public health. We have noticed many students bringing a mask to school to be prepared for the bus or when there are situations where students are not social distanced. An example would be at guided reading. As we start to implement the normal guided reading schedule and routine, it will be required for students to wear masks at this time, since they are not social distanced. If your child has a mask at home, feel free to send it. We also have a lot of disposable masks and a cloth mask for your child. The cloth mask is washed here each day.


If your child rides the bus, it is important that you let the office know when they are not going to ride the bus. Also, all students are required to wear a mask on the bus. If they do not have one, one will be provided for them.


We did our first PBIS drawing of the year. These will typically happen at the end of the day on Friday. We had 1 winner from each classroom, but we will have 2 winners starting this Friday.

Students are given Raptor Roar cards for following the expectations of school, such as respectful, responsible, and safe. We will choose names in our all school drawing at our PBIS assembly on September 15th.

Picture Day - September 10th

All orders will be placed online this year.
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Box Tops and Hy-Vee Receipts (Keep it up!) We are now at a total of $35.80 since July 1!

WOW we have grown $6 this week! Keep up the spending!!

As we begin and continue the school year, it is going to be a priority of mine to fully implement PBIS with incentives for students both individually and building wide. Additionally, it is also a priority to organize community/family events the best we can (may look a little different with COVID-19). With this in mind, we need extra sources of funding that is flexible for things like incentives, events, prizes, etc. The easiest way is through Hy-Vee receipts and Box Tops. Keep your Hy-Vee receipts from the Hy-Vee in Storm Lake, and then bring them to the school and put them in the little trash can in the office. We can get a percentage back from each receipt.

With Box tops, you can take any receipt where you might have purchased something with box tops like Wal-Mart, DG, Fareway, Hy-Vee, Sams Club etc. Then you will download the Box Tops App (see below) from your App Store. When you create your account, you will put in Schaller-Crestland Elementary. You will then link to the school, and anytime you take a picture of your receipt, it will sort it for you, and then your box tops will be recorded on the app, and it will be sent to the school. This is a great way for us to gain small funds that add up with everyone's support. If you are not already doing this, please try it!


We will send home classroom saddlebags each Day 6. These are yellow take home folders that will be filled and sent home on Day 6. You can reference the calendar below for which days to check the folder. The student needs to return the folder the following day on Day 1.

Using Google Classroom or Seesaw

We are using Google Class and Seesaw for our online learning platforms. Teachers are getting students used to using this in the classroom, so we are prepared in the event that we have to send students online due to COVID-19. It also is just a great way to teach students and engage young learners.

Parent Teacher Partnership

The Schaller-Crestland Elementary Building Leadership Team and I have discussed the importance of including parents and valuing parent support during our school day and beyond our school day. We have discussed the importance of developing a parent teacher partnership that would be an excellent way for me to get feedback from parents, reach out for support for our school, and have another set of hand to support our school, teachers, and students and all the work we do here each day. There will be more to come at our scheduled meeting in September. If you are willing to join our Parent Teacher Partnership group, please come to our first meeting in the gym in Schaller (social distancing will be used) on Thursday, September 17th at 6pm. I look forward to talking to all of you about our purpose and all of the great things we have planned for this school year and the future of our school and students. Thanks in advance!

September Lunch Menu

Dates and Events

September 2nd- 1 hour late start: Doors open at 8:45 and school starts at 9:15

September 7th- No School for Labor Day

September 9th - 1 hour late start: Doors open at 8:45 and school starts at 9:15

September 10th- Picture Day for students.

September 16th - 1 hour late start: Doors open at 8:45 and school starts at 9:15

September 21st - No School for Students

September 23rd - 1 hour late start: Doors open at 8:45 and school starts at 9:15

September 30th - 1 hour late start: Doors open at 8:45 and school starts at 9:15

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Day Schedule (see below)

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