HHS Library Quarterly Report

January-March 2015

Students read...

The chart below illustrates book circulations this quarter as they relate to third quarter last year as well as second quarter this year. Although circulations were slightly lower this quarter than either of the other two quarters in the chart, overall numbers are staying steady. Between third quarter this year and third quarter last year, the biggest change in number was in books requested for our students through Inter-Library Loan. I wonder if this decrease is because that service hasn't been publicized as well this year or if students are finding the information they need from other places.
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To continue working towards having a print collection that meets students' needs, 22 books were purchased this quarter. Some of the titles are pictured below.
As a way of encouraging pleasure reading among students, I hosted several "musical book tastings" during seminar this quarter. This is a play off musical chairs and builds on the idea that if students actually read some of a book they are more likely to find it interesting than if they just look at the cover. Students came with their seminar groups and found a variety of books at the tables in the red room. When music played, the students circled around the tables. When the music stopped, they sat down, picked a book, and began reading and reviewing the book for four minutes. At the end of the four minutes, students made some notes on the book and stood up to start the process again. Several students that were part of the groups that came found new books to check out; this activity and activities like it will continue to be things I try with students to help them find good books to read during seminar.

Students use resources...

This quarter, the databases available to students continued to get heavy use. Numbers are listed below:

3rd quarter

EBSCO databases (available to us through the State Library):

total SESSIONS=813

total SEARCHES=6254

Gale databases (Opposing Viewpoints and Science in Context, purchased by the district):

total SESSIONS=1459


2nd quarter

EBSCO databases:

total SESSIONS=1134

total SEARCHES=8607

Gale databases:

total SESSIONS=294


Although the number of searches in EBSCO decreased during the third quarter, the number of searches in the Gale databases drastically increased. The databases can be valuable resources for many classes, and I will continue to spread the word about how useful they are.

During the quarter, I worked with Mrs. Johnston's and Mr. Beitler's classes to review the resources available as students began writing research papers. I also reviewed the importance of citing sources and how to cite print sources with Ms. Dryton's government classes. I continue to welcome opportunities to talk to students about resources available to them and how to ethically use those resources.

What's next?

Unfortunately, because of state budget concerns, it's looking like what's coming next for the library is making good use of the resources we have available to us without getting more. I will take a look at some of the ways in which I can trim the library's budget without sacrificing the information resources available to students as well as offering books they are interested in reading.

Despite the budget crisis, my focus in the library will continue to be helping teachers and students access, evaluate, integrate, originate, and use information. Research has shown strong libraries with certified librarians help student achievement to increase, and with the support of great administration, I will do my best to keep the high school's library program strong.