Press Release: Nuclear Fusion

Date: 5/6/16


My name is Dr. Early and I am a very accomplished scientist and researcher. I study nuclear fusion and today I have come up with a discovery that will change the world forever. For many year everyone has been very concerned about a so called "energy crisis" but I think I have found the solution to this problem.
I have a state of the art in New York City, New York. My cutting edge technology will shape the world and how we think about energy. I have all the resources I need to harness the energy the world needs. All my research is funded by grants that I've been awarded.

My Research

Nuclear fusion is known to come form the sun. MY research involves using this energy to fuel things down here on Earth. Through many trials and errors I have come up with a fuel engine that harnesses the power of the sun and then converts it into usable energy.

Nuclear Fusion vs Nuclear fission

Nuclear fusion is a reaction of 2 or more nuclei at high speeds. This creates and energy and it occurs on the Sun.
Nuclear fission is the main process of creating nuclear energy on Earth.