World Hunger

By:Rilee sexton

Causes of world hunger

  • poverty is the main cause of world hunger.In a 2015 estimate there are over 1 billion poor people in developing country's
  • Some places have bad economic systems
  • world population is also a part of hunger ,since there are so many people it's hard to provide decent living for every one.
  • climate change

facts of world hunger

  • Hunger kills more people than AIDS , malaria, and tuberculosis together.
  • malnutrition at a early age can lead to bad physical and mental health at a young age.
  • poor nutrition causes half of the death for small children
  • 146 million children are underweight in developing country's.

How we can solve this

  • sustainable food supply
  • donate food
  • urban farming
  • good jobs for everyone
  • education access
  • social changes
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