Ocean City And Assateaque Island

The solution to the existing problem.

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The Problem

The problem occurring is that the sand is being washed away and is costing a ton of money to bring more sand to repair the land. Sand is being washed away by storms and even tide and currents. Five months is how long it takes to put the sand on the shore and cost of approximately $13.4 million. This is a problem to our land, environment, and even our economy.
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A solution

A solution to this problem could be to fund-raise for money to help pay for the high cost given and maybe even volunteer to help out. Volunteering could help to pay for the expenses but to also help the time length to not be so lengthy. Five months is a lot to do hard work on putting sand down, therefore if we have people volunteering to help out things can be a whole lot easier. Fund-raising can help to make the expenses not be so hard to pay because there are others willing to help and make the environment a better place.
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Some resources used are located in the northern region.

The sand is being carried by currents and winds occurring.


Leanna Haupt and Savanna Poe

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