School is 10 months not 11

By: Jillian Sullivan


Have you ever had a snow day and gotten really excited that you did not have to go to school and then you got more snow days and thought this awesome. Then in May when school is supposed to end you find out that those snow days caused school to go over to JUNE! I believe that should not happen because it cuts into are break away from school, the kids will not be as focused, and all they will do is talk about what they will do over the summer.

It cuts into our break away from school

Every school year at the end kids get really excited for their two months of no school. Then makeup days from snow days happen and those two months turn into one month and a couple of days. Not only do you get freedom from school but you can do things with family and friends. Summer also is when pools are open most and if you are at school then you won’t able to because you are in school in June and back for summer school in July. You will barely have any time to do anything in summer. Another thing is that with everything that happens they won’t be focused.

The kids will not be focused

When school goes into June the kids are not focused because they are ready to go outside, enjoy the weather, and so much more. They get restless enough in May with the hot weather. Plus they will not be able to do much fun stuff because of the homework or it could go the other way around and kids wouldn’t do their homework because they were focused on doing things with friends and family. You wouldn’t want them to miss out on doing things with family but also don’t want them to slack on their school work. Why have the kids miss out on things because of school. So what if you miss a couple of days of school, it is not like it’s an entire month of school missed. Besides if the teacher knew the what the weather for tomorrow was going to be like she could send home some extra work in case school was out. So why have school go into June if starts in August. The kids will not even be paying attention to the teacher because all that they will be concentrating on is what they will do over the summer.

All they will do is talk about what they will do

Over the summer all kids talk about is what they are going to do and what they have done which means school going into summer all they will do is talk about it with no respect for the teacher and if there are people it would be very few. Besides, why go through the trouble of trying to get there attention when the teacher themselves wants to go home. Summer is when you go outside most and have fun and school they will be distracted because they will be talking with their friends. They will probably be counting down the minutes until the bell rings for them to leave with even more energy than when they would have gotten out if it were not for the snow days. No teacher wants to have that happen. That is why School should not go into June if it starts in August.


In Conclusion, School should not end in June if it starts in August. Kids start to get restless in March and it does not get better and if so just barely. Why put more stress on the kids and teachers when you can just end in May and have longer time to rest. This is beneficial for not only the kids but for teachers because, there are many times when the teachers are just baby sitting because of how crazy and disobedient they are. Starting school in August and ending it in june is a bad idea because it cuts into are break away from school, the kids will not be as focused, and all they will do is talk about what they will do over the summer.