Margaret Thatcher: Spread the word!

By: Emma Shortreed

Personal Life

Born on October 13th, 1925 Margaret Thatcher grew up in Grantham, England along side her sister Muriel and father Alfred Roberts.

Holding Power

Thatcher was the only woman Prime Minister in the UK. In England she lived in Parlement. She believed in capitalism and ran a Free Market economic system. People supported her until her 3rd and final term where her approval ratings dropped to 27%.
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Rise to Power

Margaret Thatcher was voted into office by the people of England. She lead the Conservative Party which helped make her succeed.
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Vote for Margaret Thatcher!

Margaret Thatcher denied the Soviet Union and put forth a Free Market Economy! She has saved your money and helped your fellow citizens in England! She can do it again!
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England's National Anthem